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Yes. Even if it is what is described as precum (cowpers fluid ) it is often contaminated with sperm and sperm will make you pregnant,


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Yes precum, is what it is called, can be very potent indeed.

The clear stuuf that comes out is Pre-ejaculate.

either pre-ejaculation(precum) if its clear and comes out on its own, or semen white stuff that comes out when you orgasm.

Yellow: Urine White: sperm Clear: semem Red: sombody hurt there penis........

That is the dogs penis. It usually comes out when he is excited or sexually aroused

It's the stuff that comes out before ejaculation and it contains sperm so it can get a girl pregnant Its pre-ejaculation its the ejaculation that comes before the actually ejaculation its the clear stuff healthy men, its called semen or seminal fluid. it may also be semen that is if you just hit puberty

1st is the pre-nut it comes out just a little and it's clear (: . 2nd is the nutting mode when all the clear stuff comes out alot alot ! HA. 3rd is the OH MY GOD IM PREGNANT mode when your pregnant and you have nothing else to do about it .

It's called semen. Inside are itsy bitsy stands of sperm. And you better be careful because those strands will get a woman pregnant

Ya stick your penis in the middle hole of the women. Go in and out until white stuff comes out of your penis and goes in her hole. Wait a few weeks and take a pregnancy test. Ta-daa!

if your saying there was white stuff only after he pulled out that a good indication of precum, which can in fact get you pregnant. Use condoms.

Elements are the simplest chemical substances. Things like Sulphur, Oxygen, Sodium etc etc. I am guessing, because this is in the puberty section, that you mean is clear stuff that comes our of your penis sperm? The answer is no. Semen, the stuff that comes out of a guys penis when he has sex or masturbates contains a liquid (seminal fluid) and sperm. This mixture is usually a streaky creamy white colour. The clear liquid is usually just seminal fluid, although it may have a few sperm in it.

How far the penis goes into the vagina has nothing to do with pregnancy. Sperm (the white stuff that comes out the dick) getting into the vagina is what causes pregnancy

Stuff that comes out of a guy's penis when he is very happy.

Either way you should see a doctor, because if you're not pregnant and you have this clear fluid, then there is some reason for that. NO!!!! Anytime I squeeze mine I have some clear milky stuff coming out of both. I had a baby 3 years ago and I have asked my OB-GYN and it is TOTALLY NORMAL AND HEALTHY. I am NOT pregnant.

Actully a guy puts his Penis up a women's Vagina and inside of his penis that's what cause Pregantcy

Yes you can it is called pre ejaculation it still contains sperm

You start to get clear or or thin white stuff in your panty's.

In order to ejaculate your "white stuff" (cum, semen, etc.), your penis must be erect (or "hard"). Otherwise ejaculation is simply difficult to impossible. Besdies, the harder it is, the better it feels!

Sperm (which contains semen, which gets girls pregnant)

Seminal vesicle fluid (also known as pre-cum). Also, urine. Usually not a problem.

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