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You can almost answer this question with a question. Can you get pregnant with your panties on and your legs closed? Yes, you can, but the chances are one in a hundred trillion. So I'd assume everything's alright.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-28 01:53:01
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Q: Can you get pregnant from dry humping in your underwear?
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Is it possible to get pregnant by dry humping if the guy is wearing jeans and boxers and girl is in pajama pants and underwear?

Absolutely not

What are the chances of becoming pregnant while dry-humping with underwear on from pre-ejaculate going through both the males and females underwear?

Very very small

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy ejaculates before and while he's dry humping her with only his underwear on and she has nothing on?

yes, in a word!!

Do you get pregnant from dry humping?

No, no you do not.

Can you get pregnant by dry humping?

no because a sperm has to reach your uterus and attach to the uterus wall.there is no way that you could get pregnant from "dry humping"

Can you get pregnant by dry humping in a pool?


Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend and you were dry-humping not knowing if he had pre-ejaculation Male not wearing anything you wearing only underwear?

if you had on underwear you should be fine. but get a preggo test just in case.

Can a girl get pregnant if a boy and a girl are dry humping the male has his penis out and the girl had underwear on The male did not ejaculate but probably had pre-ejaculate fluid?

probably not.........

Can you become pregnant by dry humping each other in the pool?

Absolutely no! You must have intercourse to become pregnant or the semen of the man must inter into your vagina. Doing dry humping, will not get you pregnant.

What is the risk of pregnancy for a girl age 17 when man already wear underwear and contacting the vaginal area?

you cant get pregnant through underwear. you have to have intercourse ------------------------------------- I got to argue that one. even dry humping can lead to a pregnancy. If the sperm soaked through the underwear it could get you pregnant.

Can you become pregnant from dry humping?

You cannot become pregnant by dry humping unless semen comes into contact with the vagina, otherwise dry humping is done with clothes on and therefore the penis and vagina do not come in close contact of each other as they are separated by clothes.

Could a girl get pregnant from dry humping if the guy is wearing nothing and the girl is wearing underwear?

No , its extreemly unlikely! if the semen seeps in her panties, i think there is a possibility that she may get pregnant

Can dry humping and bleeding get a girl pregnant?

no chance!

Are you pregnant if you got your period 24 hours after dry humping?


Can a girl get pregnant if she is not wearing anything but the guy is wearing his underwear but it is not damp after dry humping can the girl get pregnant?

Most likely not, but it is better to be on the safe side and take a pregnancy test to make sure, and be more careful.

Can you get pregnant from dry humping with clothes?

Unless your clothes can ejaculate, definitely not.

Could you be pregnant after dry humping without clothes but you used a condom?


Can you get pregnant from humping in the shower if your underwear is wet?

Yes. It is easier for the sperm to get thru the water and they tend to swim upstream.

Can you get pregnant the day after your period when you're on the pill and you only dry humped?

of course NOTT!!! if you are only dry humping u cant get pregnant, with out the spermms..

Can dry humping lead to pregnancy I ejaculated on my underwear but i was wearing jeans she was also wearing jeans and a thong. I know it's hard but she is having some strange symptoms.?

It is very unlikely that she's pregnant

Can dry humping cause an increase in menstrual blood?

Dry humping, masturbation or having sex with another person can not change menstruation in any way (unless you get pregnant through intercourse).

Can sperm enter when dry humping?

Considering dry humping is with clothes

How easily can you get pregnant?

Very easily. It only takes one drop out of all the millions to get pregnant. It's even possible to get pregnant from "dry humping."

Can you get pregnat by dry humping?

Basically the answer is no. However depending on how close the penis gets to the vagina and if there is ejaculate, there have been cases of women getting pregnant from semen entering just the first centimeters of the vaginal vault. But as long as there is no penetration whatsoever, "dry-humping" is pregnant proof.

Can you get pregnant from dry humping while wearing jeans?

No, you can not get pregnant if the penis does not enter the vagina. Pregnancy can only occur if a female is inseminated.