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Pregnancy occurs when semen enters the vagina and fertilizes an egg, and then only. If no semen entered your vagina (or the area outside your vagina, since sperm can swim), there is no chance you can get pregnant. The only way this would be possible during oral sex would be if the male had semen present on his mouth before it came in contact with your vagina.

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No, he cant get you pregnant but if his semen gets in then yeah you can get pregnant from that

There is an 50% 50% of get pregnant because of the saliva have several quimics that kills sperms but still get enought alive to get you pregnant, best is to not put inside the vagina.

So long as you did not put an unprotected penis in her vagina No

Mabye, depending. You can go to a hospital and check.

If that is all he does then no, you will not get pregnant.

Pregnancy requires seminal fluid, which does not come from fingers. So no.

If any semen gets on his fingers and is put into the vagina then yes it could cause a pregnancy.

No. The only way you might become pregnant this way if the guy had ejaculated on his fingers, and then inserted those fingers inside you.

He would need to put the semen parts of his hands into your vagina. Just because he was close doesn't make the sperm teleport in there. If sperm leaked off and got in however there is a chance of getting pregnant.

That is up to the guy and the owner of said vagina. But mostly up to the owner.

No the semen needs to get in there to make her pregnant.ACTUALLY they can... there have been reported cases of semen entering the vagina themselves from the outside and getting girls pregnant... thought its rare, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS practice safe sex

No. This is why it is called oral contraceptive - it goes into your mouth. (oral=mouth)

Yes, a women can get pregnant with sperm on the fingers and inserted into the vagina. However, it is very unlikely.

No the sperm does. It can be on your fingers and you put them inside her vagina and she could get pregnant that way.

It is when a boy put his pennies in a girl vagina a girl gets pregnant.

To make a woman pregnant his sperm needs to enter her vagina and then travel up to meet the egg. Notice I did not say his penis had to enter her vagina. The most common way to get pregnant is through vaginal sex, but if a man had anal sex with a woman and his sperm leaked out onto her vagina, it is possible she could get pregnant. As far as where a man can put his penis in order to have sex with her. There are three main holes that would qualify; the vagina, the anus, and the mouth.

Yes there are chances of the sperm present near your Vagina reach your egg even after fingers touched inner body if your egg was ready for sperm

Yes, or very close and if you ejaculate the sperm gets inside her vagina.

Of course. This is no different from the man actually ejaculating inside her, other than that it might be colder.

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