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Q: Can you get pregnant if a guy sticks his penis in you in the water with out a condom?
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How do you put on a condom on an uncircumcised penis?

It's just like any other penis, but most men prefer to put on the condom with the foreskin pulled back. After unwrapping the condom, retract the foreskin to expose the head of the penis. Apply a drop of a water-based or silicone-based* lubricant to the head of the penis. This will allow the condom to move around on the head of the penis during sex. Take the condom and unroll it down on to the shaft of the penis. The condom should be rolled all the way down. Use additional lubricant on the outside of the condom. *Do not used oil based lubricants like vaseline with condoms. They can cause condoms to break.

Can you get pregnant in water if you don't use condom?

yes. it doesn't matter where you are you can still get pregnant

How do you have safe sex under water?

You or your partner can get pregnant if you have sex under water even if you use a condom. The only sure way to not get any diseases or get you or someone pregnant is abstinence. pfff

Can a girl get pregnant with just water?

Of course not, it needs sperm from a boy's penis.

Can you still be pregnant it right after the unsafe sex you washed out your vagina with soap and water?

yes!! most definitely you CAN get pregnant wear a condom to be safe

Can you get pregnant when sperm had come out during love making and after 15 min penis has entered a little bit in vagina after penis has dried?

It depends wether you've cleaned the sperm off enough. If you thurrly washed it, Eg. Shower, poured cup of water over glans probably not. I wouldn't suggest this though, always use a condom when a penis is going to make contact with a vagina.

Does applying water-based lubricant on a condom raise the percentage of preventing pregnancy?

The lubricant reduces the stress on the condom, which reduces the chance of breakage, which reduces the chance of pregnancy. It is important to have most, if not all, of the lubricant on the outside of the condom because you don't want it to slip off the penis during intercourse.

If you wash semen with water if it falls on stomach are there any chances of getting pregnant if the water slides down?

There is ZERO possibility of getting pregnant that way. You can, however, get pregnant by having sex and not using a condom...sounds like "semen on the stomach" is referring to the pull-out method...and you can STILL get pregnant doing that.

Can you get pregnant if you touch a guys penis with a little pre-ejaculate fluid then you wash it off with water?

This is all dependent on what you mean by touching the penis. If the penis did not have any contact with the vagina then it would be very very hard for a woman to get pregnant. If the penis had contact with the vagina well then of course it could be possible. You must always take precautions.

Can you get pregnant if the condom rips and then you pull it out and go pee fast and wash it with cold water?

Yes, you can get pregnant. Your pee comes from a different place, farher down in your vagina. It can't wash out the sperm. You need to figure out when your next period is due. If you are not at the half-way mark between periods, you probably won't get pregnant. can i get pregnate if me and my boyfriend were having sex with a condom and it riped,so i ran to the restroom and pee and wash my vagina with cold water do you think i can get pregnate?

Can lubricant be applied without a condom?

Yes. Stick with water-based, however, condom or not.

What do you need to do to get your penis into your girl?

First and foremost, you would need her consent. After that, you would need protection against STDs and pregnancy, such as a condom. The body will likely produce enough lubrication on its own, but if not, a water-based lubricant can be helpful.

What is vigine sex explain?

K, so there are 3 kinds of sex. Anal, oral, and vaginal. Anal is when a male sticks his penis in a girl in the 2nd hole. Theres no risk of getting her prego with this method. Then theres oral, this is more pleasurable for the male. This is also called a blow job. The girl gets down on her knees and sucks a guys penis. Sort of like jacking off. Its do able under water. She cant get prego this way eithr. Tastes really bad though. Last but not least, vaginal sex, this is where a guy sticks his penis in a girl (or the girl grinds down on him.) in the vagina. The thing guys DONT have, also referred as a pussy. She can get preggers this way, so make sure she is on birth control and the guy is wearing a condom. Stay protected, unless u r ready for a child.

How long is roxicontin detectable?

Opiates are detectable up to 5 days. Put urine in condom tie it. Take extremely hot water in a cup to drug test. right when you get there tape it to your penis or leg. All drug test r done by tempature. by the way have something sharp. in pocket to cut condom. It works even if they r behind you

Can You Get pregnant if when he pulled out the condom was still in you but not all the way like an insh was still out?

Yes! This is how my daughter was conceived. A condom that has come off can actually cause sperm to go around it. Like squeezing the water out of a towel or spilling over the top of a glass. Even if it is partially out of you some sperm can still seep around it.

What causes a condom to tear or break?

It's a good question! There are many causes to tear the condom. First is quality of of condom. Many times condoms are supplied by government agencies. Most of the times the government officer is interested in his commission. Yes! I am talking of bribe! He will ask for hefty share in the amount in purchase money. Corruption has become so routine that every common Indian take it as 'normal pattern' in daily life. He has to bribe every where in government offices. When we see a police man, we get phobia in our mind, instead of getting the feeling of security. Then obviously the manufacturer of condoms provide the condoms of low quality. Such condoms can get teared easily. It is better to use condoms of good quality and you have to spend for it. Second reason is condom has to be worn properly. This is to be better demonstrated, rather than written. I will try to explain in words. When you wear the condom, you have to were from proper side. The small out pouch should be pressed manually to take out the air. So that the condom can have the potential empty space to accommodate the semen after ejaculation. If there is already an air there, it may get teared and semen may get leaked. Secondly you have to retract the foreskin of penis more or less, before you unfold the condom. More you retract the foreskin of the penis, less are the chances of the condom getting torn. But then you may feel uneasy during sexual act. My personal advice to use good quality condom and get the foreskin about half retracted. So the balance between joy and safety is there. If you wear the condom on non retracted erect penis, with out taking out the air, that's bad technique. The brunt of stretching moment comes on the most distal part of the penis. If you give vigorous trusts for longer period, then there are chances of tear. This is specially true for bad quality condoms. I was shocked to hear about the couple who was using the 'same' condom for three months. The couple used to wash the condom with soap water and used it repeatedly after making it dry. The lady became pregnant and careful history revealed the shocking fact. Of course the incidence occurred in 1978. I was medical student at that time.

How long do kebab sticks have to be soaked for?

Put them in hot tap water for about 20 minutes. The heat from the water will allow the sticks to absorb the water quicker.

Do glow sticks glow better in hot or cold water?

Glow sticks glow in cold and warm water, but they last longer in warm water.

Can you get pregnant in water?

Pregnancy relies on the sperm making it from the penis to the uterus without running across temperatures above 98 degrees or so. It is highly unlikely that a stray sperm made it across the chlorinated pool water or hot spa water to your vagina to make you pregnant. If you are still in doubt about fatherhood, have a paternity test run

Will the water that's coming out of your penis make her pregnant?

It is NOT water, it is known as pre-seminal fluid. It MAY contain sperm. If it does - and the only way you can tel is to collect it and test it - she WILL become pregnant!! In other words, unless you are willing to take responsibility for a child, do NOT have sex in any way, shape or form.

Can cold water get you pregnant?

Water cannot get you pregnant. Sperm get you pregnant.

How do you have fun with a condom?

Fill it with water and put it in the microwave.

What is cohesion of water?

Cohesion of water is how well it sticks to itself. Also adhesion of water is how well it sticks to other substances. cohension of water is caused by hydrogen bonds

What can you put on your penis?

You can put a condom on your penis for sex. You can put a crisp packet, cling film, rubber bands, a woman, liver, a sex toy, some cream, spermicide, a pair of your wife's or girlfriend's panties, a bread roll, a water melon (if you have a muscle beach penis), a champagne bottle (don't get stuck), a prostitute, a midget, whatever the hell you want if you are kinky maybe all of them. Basically anything with a hole. Just don't get caught and watch out for diseases or anything that is dangerous. Personally I wouldn't do most of these, only the wife, the condom and spermicide, the rest are for hardcore addicts of putting things on their penises.

Is it possible to be pregnant and not even be near a penis?

You cannot get pregnant from stray sperm in swimming pools or stray sperm in general. Sperm is very delicate and can be destroyed by water or sometimes even air, even bacteria in the vagina itself can kill sperm. Unless you use artificial insemination, a penis and a vagina together are necessary to make a baby.