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Yes, you can get pregnant if you have sex without a condom, because the pre-ejaculate fluid can contain sperm.

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Q: Can you get pregnant if his penis is inside and then before coming he pulls out to wear at condom?
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When a girl has sex without an condom but the guy pulls out before coming inside you can you get pregnant?

A: yes you can, Pre-ejaculation neither of you will feel it when it happens

Can you get pregnant from a condom coming off inside the vagina?

Yes. The possibility most certainly exists (although pregnancy could occur, not directly from the condom coming off, but from the semen that could be left inside the vagina after the condom came off).

Can you get pregnant if he ejaculates inside the condom and the condom came off inside of you with the semen in it?

No, providing the semen stayed inside the condom.

Can you get pregnant a day before your period but he wore a condom?

What sense does that make if he wore a condom then he did not nut inside of you unless the condom popped so that's not a smart question for a wanna be pregnant person.

Can you be pregnant if you had protected sex he wore a condom ejaculated inside the condom while inside the vagina then he pulled out?


If your semen is inside the condom can she still be pregnant?

highly unlikely that she is pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant if he came inside the condom but when he pulled out the condom got stuck inside you?

Small but there is a chance.

Can you be pregnant if the condom broke inside the vagina?


Can i be pregnant if the condom came off inside of me?


Is it possible that you can be pregnant if a guy comes inside a condom but the condom came off inside you?

Yes, very possible. Especially if the condom is a regular condom without any spermicides.

Can you get pregnant by taking the semen in the condom and putting it inside of your vagina?

no.. there is no way you can be pregnant

Can you fall pregnant when using a condome and the man did not ejaculated inside you while he hand the condom on?

Answer No you can't fall pregnant using a condom.

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