Can you get pregnant if his penis is inside and then before coming he pulls out to wear at condom?


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Yes, you can get pregnant if you have sex without a condom, because the pre-ejaculate fluid can contain sperm.

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A: yes you can, Pre-ejaculation neither of you will feel it when it happens

Yes. The possibility most certainly exists (although pregnancy could occur, not directly from the condom coming off, but from the semen that could be left inside the vagina after the condom came off).

What sense does that make if he wore a condom then he did not nut inside of you unless the condom popped so that's not a smart question for a wanna be pregnant person.

Yes. Even if the condom didn't come off inside you you'd have a chance of becoming pregnant. Condoms aren't a 100% way to not get pregnant.

Yes, very possible. Especially if the condom is a regular condom without any spermicides.

It is possible, however not as likely as if he cums inside of you. Best option go on the pill

If it's coming out the back then it could have gotten inside your vag. But if it's minimal you shouldn't be worried.

the girl will not get pregnant at all if the condom is on, and hasn't broken. no worries! that's what they're there for!

yes - you need to use a condom for the whole thing, not just the ending

possibly, the outside of the condom is fine and clean but if the inside of it lets some semen into your vagina then you might get pregnant, your probably fine though this is highly unlikely

Many condoms are made with a spermicidal chemical that kills sperm, but if this is not present then, yes the sperm inside a condom can get you pregnant.

If the condom came of but the open end of it was outside the vagina there is little or no chance of getting pregnant.

If it's ON the condom instead of IN the condom that means it's inside the girl and the sperms can start swimming, so yes.

there is only one way a condom can go on 2ways if you are going to count inside out. In either case so long as the condom covers the glans and shaft of the penis you can not get pregnant.

If it wasn't a spermicidal condom there is a 2% chance of you conceiving.

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