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Definately! The only 100% percent sure way of not getting pregnant is abstinence.

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Q: Can you get pregnant if on the pill and a bit of semen goes inside you?
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Can one get pregnant with very low semen?

well hun yes you can get pregnant with very low semen. just one little drop of it inside of you would get you pregnant. so i recomend you to get the morning after pill if this is your concerned of having a baby. but make sure to take it with in 72 hours of your unprotected sex well hun yes you can get pregnant with very low semen. just one little drop of it inside of you would get you pregnant. so i recomend you to get the morning after pill if this is your concerned of having a baby. but make sure to take it with in 72 hours of your unprotected sex

Do you get pregnant when d semen flows from the top of the girl and trickles down the vagina and if we wash the vagina quickly?

If the semen gets inside there is always a risk. try the morning after pill up to 72 hours after and take a test 2 weeks after.

I forgot to take the pill on the second day and did not use a condom if he ejaculated inside can you get pregnant?

Yes you will most likely be pregnant as you read my answer now! One drop of Semen is enough to make a baby so you are pregnant. You should still take a test though.

How do you cleanup the semen that was inside the vagina?

You don't usually clean that it just comes out. If you were worried about getting pregnant attemting to wash out semen wont kill the sperm so you need to get a plan b pill asap they usually cost $35-50 at any Walgreen's

Can you get pregnant if you miss the last pill but came your period and he came inside?

If you forget to take you pill there is a chance that you could be pregnant.

Is is possible to get pregnant if a little bit of semen was on the vagina and the morning after pill was taken within 24 hours What are the chances of being pregnant?

The chances of being pregnant after all of that are very very slim. For the most part the sperm needs to be all the way inside the vagina to do anything and the morning after pill works almost all of the time, especially when taken as directed. My guess is that its very unlikely that your pregnant right now.

How to wash out semen before getting pregnant?

You can't. In fact, the man does not even need to ejaculate inside the woman for her to get pregnant, the moment penetration occurs, you run the risk of getting pregnant. Luckily, there are several methods of birth control available, from the pill to condoms to even abstinence. I suggest you try some these.

Does semen stay inside you for 7days?

Some sperm is said to be able to survive for up to 3 days. it's doubtful that you would get pregnant but it would be a good idea if you are worried to go get a morning after pill... it may seem expensive but 40 bucks to make sure you are not pregnant.

How not to get pregnant if a guy nuts inside you?

Take the morning after pill

Can you take any birth control pill if sperm enter my belly button?

You will not get pregnant from semen coming into contact with your bellybutton.

If the semen went in you more than twice and you dont take the pill theres a high chance you can be pregnant?

Yes, if you are producing eggs.

Can you get pregnant if you stop taking the pill after intercourse?

Yes! Sperm can live inside of you for up to 7 days. If you ovulate due to the drop in your horomones caused by not taking the pill, you can get pregnant.

What are the risks of getting pregnant if the condom broke and there was semen in it?

if there is any chance that seamen has entered your vagina then there is always the risk that you could be pregnant. you can prevent this by the morning after pill or talking to you gp about the contraceptive pill. alothough you shpuld stay using a condom anyway for your own protection.

Using the pullout method AND taking the pill what are the odds of pregnancy?

well the pull out method, there is still a chance because semen doesnt just come out during orgasm, its leaks out during intercourse. by pulling out all you are doing is reducing the amount of semen that will get inside. and even a very small amount is still enough for pregnancy. but the pill if used properly, may prevent it. but it has to be taken everyday to avoid any chance at getting pregnant. just follow the instructions. *** a good way to avoid pregnancy is using a condom and using the pill.***

What if you missed your birth control pill and he came inside of you in the same week?

you become pregnant.

What do you do if a condom got stuck in your vagina and the semen leaked out?

I think that if you don't want to be pregnant I would if in your situation go and get the emergency contraceptive pill just in case.

Can you be pregnant if the guy ejaculated inside 2 days after your finished your period?

Yes you can still get pregnant if a guy came inside of you EVEN though you had just finished your period two days ago. You could even get pregnant the last days of your period. You will not know you are pregnant until 2 weeks after which is the earliest you can take the test. Remember there is always the morning after pill up to 72 hours after. No matter what your contraceptive is (birth control, condoms, etc) there is a risk for pregnancy especially if he is ejaculating inside of you each time. If you dont want to be pregnant don't let him come inside of you and only let him to that if your on the pill (its 99.9% effective.) Be careful timing of when your period comes and goes and know that right after your period your not safe from becoming pregnant, and any time in between your cycle you still have a possibility of getting pregnant.

Pregnancy if you are on birth control don't miss a pill but don't take it the same time everyday partner wears a condom and after removing it the semen drips and touches the vagina?

no you shouldn't be pregnant.the semen needs to be inside the vagina.

What are the chances of getting pregnant after a spermicidal condom broke inside the vagina and you take the day after pill?

Next to impossible chance of getting pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if a guy ejaculates inside of you during sex if your on the pill?

Yes, there is a chance you can become pregnant. No form of protection is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if a guy sperms on your jeans a little and it goes through and you also forgot to take your pill that day?


Can you get pregnant when you are on the pill and he has his penis near but not in you?

If you have been taking your pill correctly, as in once a day, in or around the same time every day, then no you should not get pregnant. The fact that his penis was not inside you and was outside also makes it less likely for you to get pregnant. Though there is always a small chance that you could be pregnant but it is less than 1%.

Can a girl be pregnant if she possibly fingered herself after wiping semen off her hand and took the morning after pill 50 hrs later?

Hello, There is no chance of pregnancy occurring in this situation.

What are the chances of a girl getting pregnant if he came inside of her one day after her period because the spermicidal condom broke but she took the morning after pill three hours after sex?

im not sure u will get pregnant because u've taking in the pill.

Is it likely to get pregnant a month after stopping the pill if you are having pregnancy symptoms because of the pill?

If alls you did is stop the pill then no. If your having sex with ejaculation inside then yes. You dont get pregnancy symptons because of the pill. The pill contains hormones and everytime you start and stop then you are changing your hormone level and that could be making you not feel well. Stop the yoyoing and make up your mind. Do you want to get pregnant or not. If not take the pill and if so stop.

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