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Yes, you can get pregnant if you and your partner have chlamydia.

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2014-03-01 11:46:49
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Q: Can you get pregnant if you and your partner have chlamydia?
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Can you get pregnant if you or your partner has chlamydia?


When can you get pregnant after chlamydia treatment?

You can get pregnant at any time after you are sure that you and your partner have been cured of chlamydia. There is no need to wait.

Can you get chlamydia if your partner has a UTI?

If your partner has chlamydia, you can get chlamydia. Most UTIs are not caused by chlamydia.

Can you transmit chlamydia to your partner?

Yes you certainly can.Yes you can give your partner chlamydia.

Can you get chlamydia if you and your partner are clean?

You can get chlamydia from someone who is infected. The partner's cleanliness has nothing to do with it.

Can chlamydia occur if your boyfriend and you only have one partner?

You get chlamydia from sexual contact with an infected person. If you or your partner were infected by a previous partner, you could have chlamydia.

How many partners do you have to have to get chlamydia?

Someone wth only one partner can get chlamydia, if that partner is infected.

Can chlamydia make you pregnant?

Having chlamydia does not make you pregnant.

What is the treatment for chlamydia in pregnant women and can the partner get treated without testing?

Typical treatment in pregnancy is one gram of azithromycin -- the same treatment for non-pregnant people with chlamydia. In many states, the partner can be treated without an exam, but laws vary from state to state. Ask your OBGYN about the possibility in your area.

How does chlamydia affect your mental health?

Chlamydia can cause worry about partner infection, partner monogamy, and future consequences.

How long does it take to get pregnant after having chlamydia?

If your reproductive organs were not affected by chlamydia, then it will take no longer than normal. Chlamydia treatment will not affect the chances of getting pregnant. You can get pregnant while you have chlamydia. While scarring from chlamydia can sometimes cause infertility, you should not count on chlamydia to keep you from getting pregnant.

A pregnant women with chlamydia how can she get it and how to cure it?

A pregnant woman can get chlamydia by sexual intercourse. Chlamydia can be treated with a single dose of azithromycin.

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