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yes.. but the chance is extremly low, due to the pill use and little or no sperm in the vagina. No. The pill is 99% effective.

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Is it possible to get pregnant if the penis ejaculates on the outside of vagina?

If a guy ejaculates on the outside of the vagina, it can still drip into the vagina and get your partner pregnant. Same thing with Anal Sex. It's called "Drippage", it just drips out of the anus and makes its way to the vagina and even if it is on the outside lips of the vagina, it can still get inside and impregnate your partner. Your Welcome for this correction, By the way, This is coming from a very perverted 16 year-old, who happened to pay attention in Health 1.

If a man ejaculates and you have no symptoms of pregnancy and still have regular periods could you still get pregnant?

no Not unless he does it again and his timing is better.

If you're are still a virgin can you get pregnant even when both the boy and the girl are wearing clothes and the boy ejaculates?


If a male ejaculates three times in a row does the third ejaculate have semen and can you get pregnant from that?

Anytrime a male ejaculates, the fluid itself is called semen and, yes, each time there will be sperm. Also, if he ejaculated the second time outside of you, but still near your vulva, you are still taking a risk at getting pregnant. The third time will still contain sperm, and if he did indeed ejaculate in your vagina, there is a very high chance you will get pregnant unless you are both using contraceptives I'm sorry, but if you don't know the answer to this, you shouldn't be having sex!

Can you still get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates before sex?

Yes, because it is normal for some semen to remain in the urethra.

If you have unproctected sex but he ejaculates outside of you what are the risks?

Maybe 1/6th to 1/10th the normal risk of getting pregnant if he ejaculated deep inside you. And there is still the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease as well.

If he ejaculates in the condom and he is still in you can the semen seep out and get you pregnant?

It is not very likely that semen will seep out of the condom, but it is a possibility. This is why it is best to remove the penis from the vagina directly after he ejaculates in the condom, and while the penis is still hard. Do not let the penis get limp inside of the vagina with a condom on!!!

If sperm touches the vagina once it has been in contact with air can you still get pregnant?

yes you still can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the guys semen is coming out clear?

Color of semen has nothing to do with his fertility. He can still have the same number of sperm in his semen. If the egg is present when he ejaculates, you can still get pregnant even if the semen is runny and clear like water.

Can you still be pregnant and have a regular period?

No. If you are pregnant and bleeding you should contact your Dr immediately.

If my boyfriend came outside of me but still had semen on his penis and then touched the outside of my vagina can i still be pregnant?

Yes - take a test

Can a woman still be menstruating when pregnant?

No. If you are pregnant and bleeding you should contact your Dr right away.

How effective is coitus interruption as a birth control method?

it is usually never effective, because even if he pulls out before he ejaculates, there is still a little chance that some of his semen is inside you, and you can still get pregnant.

Is it possible to become pregnant if both people are fully dressed?

Sure. As long as the penis is inside her vagina or ejaculates semen right at the entrance or use his fingers to insert it, you can wear a overall and boots and still get her pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant if you still got your period?

yes you can NO u might want to contact your docter ok well i still had my period and my lab work said i was pregnant.

If a a guy cumes out side of a girl and insert the penis again can you get pregnant?

Yes you can. When a male ejaculates, his semen exits through his penis... you already know this. But what many don't know or remember is that some of that semen gets trapped inside of the penis and needs to be flushed out. So, if a male ejaculates outside of a woman and re-enters her (assuming he can still go) that leftover semen will either leak into her or be flushed out by more precum.

Does a girl get pregnant even if the sperm of the guy comes out after inserting it in her after sex?

If the boy ejaculates after withdrawing it from the vagina the chances of getting pregnant are much lower, but they are not zero, since there are a few sperm in the pre-ejaculate (precum), and she can get pregnant from this. Also, depending on where the sperm lands when he ejaculates makes a difference. If he were to ejaculate onto her belly or back, some could drip into her vagina and, though not as likely, can still cause pregnancy.

You had a dnc but am still pregnant?

That's not a likely situation. If you believe you're still pregnant after an abortion, contact your health care provider for follow-up.

What if guy ejaculates before intercourse can you still get pregnant?

Due to the inherent motility of sperm, any ejaculate that lands in the vagina can cause pregnancy. There may still be some sperm cells released during intercourse.

If sperm gets inside the butt or the throat can you still become pregnant?

Sperm has to come in contact with your vagina to get pregnant.

What r the chances of being pregnant when he penetrated inside you and then ejaculates on top of you and wipes it ooff your vagina?

Chances are high because it many cases the sperm can still enters the vagina.

Can ejaculation fluid on outside of the vagina get you pregnant?

no one knows they are still researching it

Can you still get HIV if a guy pulls out before he ejaculates?


If a girl is on the pill and misses 2 pills but has since made one of them up and the condom falls off during sex could she be pregnant if the man pulls out before he ejaculates what are the odds?

There is still clear liquid that comes out during sex (before ejaculation), if that enters the female... you can still get pregnant.

If a man pulls out and ejaculates and then has sex again with the same woman and ejaculates inside of her can she become pregnant?

Yes, although the chance is very small. There will be very little sperm in the semen of the man's second orgasm. ---- Ah, but you only need ONE little sperm! And there may be millions still heading on up there.