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umm.........well i don't how to say this but i will ...........i have no idea .......consider yourself screwed

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Can you get pregnant from fingers if there was semen on them but it was wiped off and the fingers only touched the outside of your vagina?


Can you get pregnant if you touched his penis and then you tocuhed yourself after?


Would a girl get pregnant if she touched sperm and her fingers went in her vagina?

It's possible.

Can you get pregnant if there was sperm on your finger and you touched the lips of you vagina?

If the fingers went into the vagina maybe. But prolly not.

Can you get pregnant if you touch sperm and then clean yourself when you go to the bathroom?

yes you can become pregnant because it touched you

Can you get pregnant if you got his semen on your hands and then touched yourself later?

While it is possible, it is not probable.

Can you get pregnant if you touched sperm but wiped it off your hand before touching yourself?

Very unlikely you'll get pregnant this way.

Is there a chance of pregnancy when your on the 12th day of your menstrual cycle and the guy precame and proabably touched himself to clean himself then touched your vagina?

It is highly unlikely you would get pregnant froma guy's fingers.

Can you get pregnant if your partner was adjusting himself and then fingers you but touched the shaft of his penis?

You really can't get pregnant from pre-ejaculation, there is like a 1 to 100 ratio of it happening. I guess the only way you could get pregnant from that was if he had already finished outside of you and had gotten semen on his fingers and then fingered you. Even then, there's a very small chance you could get pregnant.

If you got pre-ejaculate on your fingers which are only wiped and touched the outer layer of the condom can a woman get pregnant by penetrating her while the condom is still on?

It's very unlikely if you'd wiped your fingers before

If a guy ejaculated on your vagina and put his fingers up mecani become pregnant?

Yes there are chances of the sperm present near your Vagina reach your egg even after fingers touched inner body if your egg was ready for sperm

Could you get pregnant if you have irregular periods and were giving a hand job and touched yourself by accident with the fluid on your hands?

Yes. It's possible.

Can you get pregnant from a door handle if there was semen on it and I touched it and then touched myself?

Most likely not. But if it was wet when you touched it and you touched your vagina with it, the answer would be yes; it would be possible.

If you touched lime and it is burning your fingers is there something wrong?

Yes, considering limes dont usually burn fingers

'm having PCOS.My boyfriend n i were foolin around when he touched my vagina he was ejaculatin n der r chances tat he mite ve got a lil of tat on his fingers could i b pregnant?

It is possible that you could be pregnant.

How do you use singed in a sentence?

Her fingers were singed when she touched the hot pan.

Bf rubbed panties and you touched his penis and you washed your hands and then cleaned it and touched your vagina are there any chances of getting pregnant?

no. Sperm needs to enter your vagina to get pregnant

Can you get pregnant if a man's penis was dry but it touched the tips of the vaginal lips and then used a condom and had sex?

No you can't get pregnant if it only touched the vagina with dry penis in order to be pregnant is getting the mans fluid in the vagina.

In volleyball if a referee holds up two fingers what is he calling?

it means the last girl who touched the ball, touched it twice. ive gotten called on that alot.

Could you get pregnant if he touched his penis then fingered you?

no you can not get pregnant because the sperm cells nomally die after contact

Will a hamster want to come out of her cage if shes pregnant?

It's not likely she will want to be touched or handled if she is pregnant.

If you had semen on your finger and touched your vagina is there a chance you can be pregnant even though you got your period the next day?

No, if you got your period the next day then you did not accidentally impregnate yourself with the semen on your finger.

What was the questure that Katniss used in the hunger games?

She took her three middle fingers of her left hand and touched them to her mouth. Then she held out those same fingers to Rue.

Could you get pregnant if the guy was touching his penis and then touched your vagina?


When i was feeling around in my vagina to look for the condom i felt a bump and i touched it and blood was on my fingers am i pregnant?

Have you ever had sex before this????? first of all But what you R describing does not mean you are pregnant. It sounds like you are feeling the urethal opening.I will watch this question if you want to add any more questions to it I hope it helps.