Can you get pregnant if you have intercourse right after your menstrual cycle?


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yes there is a larger chance you will get pregnant

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If she's old enough to menstruate she can get pregnant. If the timing is "right" she can get pregnant on her first cycle, that is, right before she sees the menstrual flow.

Depends on whether you had sex at the right time in your menstrual cycle or not. If you weren't, nothing wil happen.

You can become pregnant at any time in your menstrual cycle. The sperm can survive for a few days inside you so it is almost impossible to time it correctly.

Right after their menstrual cycle (period).

For those of you who desire to find out when is the best time to get pregnant, here are the answers. The best time to get pregnant is the period of ovulation which is the most fertile period. This is the period when a mature ovum is released into the uterus from the follicles. The ovum is ripe for fertilization and stays that way for about 12 hours after which it starts to degenerate. Many couples determine the ovulation period and have sexual intercourse at that time to increase the chances of pregnancy. It is usually said that the best time of month to get pregnant is the 14th day of the menstrual cycle for women who have a 28 day menstrual cycle. People usually determine when the next period is due and count back 12 to 16 days and have sexual intercourse to increase the odds of getting pregnant

Nothing can stop a menstrual cycle it is part of human nature. there is way to stop it from such a heavy flow. if you exercise and eat right, you will not flow so hard.

I want to become pregnant. so pls.. give me advice

The symptoms for Cervical Cancer include Bleeding from the Female area outside of your menstrual cycle, pain during intercourse, and abnormal discharge. If you experience any of these you should go to a doctor right away.

No. It takes at least fourteen days after intercourse to determine if she is pregnant.

i would say call your obgyn first to get the right info

No way to tell.If you're both fertile (= being able to start a baby), and have sex at just the right moment, then you can get pregnant the first time you try. Others may need years of trying before everything comes together right.Most will need a couple of months depends on when sexual intercourse takes place and the females fertilization period if sexual intercourse takes place 1 or 2 days before menstrual cycle the chances of impregnating could be either 2 or three weeks after

there is not necessarily any connection between having Vitamin D administered and pregnancy. Pregnancy depends on the successful fertilization of an ovum ( the females Egg) by the sperm of a male which is usually accomplished as a result of sexual intercourse done at the right time during the females menstrual cycle.

There is nothing dangerous during the menstrual cycle, if you mean when a woman can get pregnant then it depends on her cycle - the only way to know when a woman is fertile or not would be to use fertility awareness method. During a typical 28 day cycle a woman is most likely to be fertile during days 7-16, but everyone's cycle is different and can vary one cycle to the next.

during ur period there is a little chance of conception...then as the days increase so does the chance...usually after day 17 of ur cycle the chances go back down...good luck

A pregnancy test WILL NOT tell you if you are pregnant immediately after having intercourse unless you've had intercourse within the last nine months (on another occasion) and you are already pregnant.

No. for her to get pregnant she has to have the penis inserted in her vagina at the right time of her menstrual cycle and he has to ejaculate. sperm has to be able to get to her ovum in order to fertilize it, and it just wont happen that way, even if he ejaculates in his underpants.

Wow! I'd love to know the answer because that is my exact circumstance. My first day of my last cycle was Aug. 25, had intercourse after I was off, and the 10, 11 and on my birthday the 13th! Just took a pregnancy test - Sep. 26 and I am pregnant.

Only via IVF- when a woman's menstrual cycle ends, it means that she no longer has any eggs left to enable her to become pregnant naturally. However, she will remain in a physically fit enough condition to carry and bear a child via artificial insemination. This can be done either using a donor egg, or if the woman concerned has taken the precaution of having some of her eggs frozen and stored when she was younger.

You may still have a false negative but you are plenty of time after intercourse and you had intercourse at the right time to become pregnant.

I am a nudist. I happen to be pregnant right now. I had intercourse on a nudist beach. It's not uncommom. In fact, no one took a second glance.

Intercourse often times causes bleeding. It is probably not a pregnancy indicator. It also depends on where you are in your cycle. But, depending on the degree of activity, bleeding can be quite normal after intercourse.

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