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Yes you can. Women get more aroused while on their period, but there is a greater chance of someone getting pregnant 1-4 days after a woman's period.

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Can you get pregnant from skipping period pills while having unprotected sex?

Yes, you can

Can you fall pregnant while waiting for period after depo?

Yes. If you are having unprotected sex then yes you can get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy ejaculates while having unprotected on the last day of her period?

It's unlikely but not impossible.

Would you get pregnant while on period?

If you have unprotected sex while you were on your period yes you can get pregnant.

What is the chances of getting pregnant while having unprotected sex on your period then get put on the birth control shot a few days later?

If you are having your period at the time of sex then you are not currently ovulating and you would not get pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you missed your last Depo shot and bleed a lot while having your period and your breasts are growing?

The short answer is yes. If you have had unprotected sex you could be pregnant.

Are you pregnant while you have a period?

It is biologically impossible to be pregnant whilst having a period.

Is there high risk of getting pregnant when having a period?

It isn't really possible to get pregnant while having a period.

Can you get pregnant while you are not having your period?

Yes,the chances of you getting pregnant when not on your period are higher

Can you still get pregnant on the third day of your period?

You can't get pregnant while you're having your period.

Is it possible to be pregnant and get your period after sex while being on your period?

No you really shouldn't be having your period while pregnant and the second part would be normal if you weren't pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the girl is on top when the man ejaculates?

You can get pregnant at any time while having unprotected sex, it does not matter who's on top.

Can you get pregnant while you're having irrugular period?

You can.

You have your heavy period every month but you think you might be pregnant?

If your having a heavy period its very slim that you are pregnant. But if you had sex while you are pregnant you can actually get pregnant while having intercourse on your period. What exactly make you feel you are pregnant? and if you were pregnant before this period you need to see a doctor A.S.A.P. Something is going on in there.

Is there a harm if a girl has sex while having her period?

While there is no physical harm to the female, if the male is unprotected there is a greater risk for the absorption of an STD while the girl is on her period.

Can you take a pregnancy test while you are having your period and it still be accurate?

If you are having a period you cannot be pregnant

Should you still get birth control if you had unprotected sex while on your period the week before?

Yes you should be on birth control if you are having sex. You can get pregnant before, after and during your period!!!! If you aren't on the pill, be safe, use a condom!!!

What are the Chances of getting pregnant while having your period?

ANSWERChances of getting pregnant during period are almost zero.

Is there any records of a girl having her period while pregnant?


Can a women get pregnant while having her period?

Without a doubt.

Can sperm live while on your period?

I will tell you this for certain. Contrary to popular belief, women can get pregnant while on their period. While it may not be likely, it can still happen. There are no safe days to have unprotected sex.

Why didn't you get pregnant if you had unprotected with while you and your partner were infected with chlamydia?

You don't always get pregnant after having sex that first time and it doesn't happen when you want it. if you've had Chlamydia for a long period of time before you got the medicine the Chlamydia can also have made you sterile. Sadly, that is one of the side effects. And you two should not have unprotected sex while undergoing treatment.

If a girl is pregnant and has unprotected sex can she get pregnant?

A woman can only be pregnant once at a time. if she has unprotected sex while pregnant, this cannot start another baby.

Can you do a Urine test while you are having period?

There is no reason why you can not do a urine test while you are on your period, but the issue is there should be no reason for you to need to do a urine test if you are having a period. If you are having a period, it is highly unlikely that you would be pregnant.

When can a girl be pregnant?

If she has unprotected sex while she is ovulating, then she can become pregnant.