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You should go to the doctor to see why you are having a period only once a year and ask them if you can get pregnant.

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Q: Can you get pregnant if you only have a period once a year?
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How do cows get pregnant?

Only once a year.

If your period comes early does that mean you are pregnant?

You can have a period for about three months after you have become pregnant, my mother had her's for about three months while she was pregnant with me.. That was actually the first time she had her menstrual any consecutive months.. Normally she would have her period once maybe twice a year. But when she got pregnant it was the first time she had her period more than once a year.

How often do cows get pregnant?

Only once a year.

Can a seventeen year old get pregnant a day before her period?

NO. Only after her period during ovulation. It doesn't matter how old you are. A woman can get pregnant no matter the age. If she has a period and she ovulates then she can get pregnant.

Can you pregnant if you don't have a period?

I only have one period a year (maybe). my fiance and i really want to have a baby. Can you get pregnant if you don't have a period? Or do you only have one chance a year to get pregnant? I have went to many doctors but birth control didn't help me regulate my period and even if it did, then i definitely wouldn't be able to conceive. Please help!

What time of year do pandas have their babies?

they become pregnant only once a year in the spring.

Can a 12 year old sperm and make a 9 year old pregnant?

well i dont judge but you shouldnt be having sex at such a young age. first doesthe 9 year old im guessing this is the girl have her period. once a girl has had her period she can get pregnant but it all depends on if the guy has gone through pubertyso if the girl hasnt gotten her period yet the answer is no she cant be pregnant. but if she has gotten it and the guy has gone through puberty yes it is possible for the girl to be pregnant. if the guy hasnt gone through puberty once again the answer is no. so she can only be pregnant if the guy has gone through puberty and the girl has gottenher period.

How many times can a cow get pregnant in one year?

Only once.

How many times a year can cattle fall pregnant?

Only once.

How often are goats pregnant?

we only breed once a year but goats can have 2 pregnancies a year

What does it mean when you get your period once every 1 to 3 year's And can not get pregnant?

It means you go to the doctor and find out why.

Can my husband add me to his medical insurance if you are already pregnant?

Yes only if you were previously insured with another company and lost your insurance or it is his companies renewal period , usually once a year.

Can a 11 year old girl get pregnant with her period?

If she is having her period then yes she can get pregnant.

What is mono estrous animals?

Mono estrous animals are animals that can only reproduce once a year. Some female animals can only get pregnant once a year, while others can have babies several times a year.

How do you know if you are pregnant when you are on a pill where you only get your period four times a year?

take a pregnancy test

How can 9 year olds get pregnant?

a nine year old only has to have her period and has had SEX to get pregnant. If you ask me it is totally STUPID. ANyway its not my place

How late can a period be?

I have known women to not get a period for a year and not be pregnant.

Why have you not had a period in a year?

that means you are pregnant

How often do sows have piglets?

A sow will come into heat every 21 days, but once she is pregnant, the gestation period lasts 115 days. She has to nurse the piglets before becoming pregnant again, so a sow will typically only reproduce twice a year.

Can a 10 year old girl get pregnant even if she has not had her first period?

yes you do not require to have a period in order to be pregnant

How many times can a human get pregnant per year?

Twice, since the gestation period only lasts 9 months, and with a 2 month break, a woman can get pregnant again that same year.

Can a woman miss her period for a month and not be pregnant?

yes some women have only one or two periods a year.

Can a 10 year old girl be pregnant?

First of all, no 10 year old should even think about being pregnant, that is absolutly ridiculous. They are still a child themself. And they can only become pregnant if they have their period. Oterwise, it is not possible. Usually girls get their period around ages 12-13. But it is different for everyone.

Can 10 years old get pregnant?

Yes it is very possible!!! If you have your period and then you have sex with a guy you can get pregnant! 8 year old can (if they had their period)9,10,11,12,ANYONE CAN IT THEY HAD THEIR PERIOD!!!! But if you hadn't had your period, you can't get pregnant best time to do it is when you are married!

You are almost 17 and only get your period once a year is there something wrong?

Yes something is wrong. You are suppose to have a normal period every month.

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