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yes it is possible but probably not very likely,,the chances of getting pregnant by actual intercouse and ejaculation into the vagina can vary depending on many factors anyway. so yes ,,but i dont think it is likely

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Can you push outside sperm into the body to get pregnant?

Yes, definately. In some cases, when a couple wants a child, the male cannot ejaculate sperm. As such, there are donors of sperm. The sperm is just put in the female reproductive organ and the female falls pregnant

Can you get pregnant if sperm is washed off immediately?

Yes, because there is no way to wash it out. You just push it further up and the only thing coming out is the semen not the sperm.

Can you push sperm out?

It depends on what youi are attempting to push it out of.

You have done only smooching and your partner has push your bombs.an you get pregnant?

No, no, no.If you only kiss,rub,touch,etc; you can't get prego(:Only when you HAVE sex, and he cums in you;; Which will feel AMAZZING! :DBut, anyway that's besides the point;You can only get prego if you don't use a condom and your partners' sperm gets all the way in you :] Does that help any? :)

How likely is it for a man's condom-protected penis to push another man's unprotected penis' semen into a vagina during sexual intercourse and haev him impregnate her?

Answer THe first guy used a condom and the second guy you say used the first guys semen to get you pregnant. Impossible. The only way that would be possible would be if you had sex with the two of them at the same time and one of them ejackulated into you and the other didn't and even then it's a wild ride that you would get pregnant if one guy as you say used a condom. Perhaps I got this wrong but if you are going to make it with two guys, make sure one of them is in your anus and the one in your Vagina has a condom on.

Can you do push ups while pregnant?

It is always recommended that you talk with your doctor about exercising while pregnant. If you are already doing push-ups as part of your exercise routine and have the upper body strength, push-ups should not be a problem. You can also do push-ups with your knees on the floor. Push-ups are not going to cause you to miscarriage. Actually studies show that exercising while pregnant helps fetal development.

State one function of the prostate gland?

It contracts to push sperm out on ejaculation

My boyfriend had left over sperm on his penis and i wiped it off with my finger and than inserted in me because i am ovalating and i want to get pregenant...are my chances higher now?

Most likely you won't be. The sperm wouldn't have had that "push" to help them get up in the uterus. The sperm would've had to work harder, therefore die sooner. But there is always a chance. Remember it only takes one to get pregnant.

Can girls push sperm out of there vagina?

yes, but don't count on this to stop pregnancy or anything.

When i push poop out of my butt my penis releases sperm out?

That is a statement why do you have a question mark at the end?

Can you push sperm out of your vagina after sex?

Yes but it doesn't all come out at once. Its better to wash it out.

What type of feedback helps a pregnant lady deliver a baby?

Keep pushing - I know you can do it! Push, Push, PUSH!!!! Come on, you're doing really well! I can even see the baby's head! Push harder!

How do you lick the girls vigna?

How you lick a girls vigna is you use your mouth to lick up and down the middle of the Virgina. You also can use you tough to wiggle very fast of the Virgina. The women might push your head down that means lick and go deeper and faster

What does a doctor do when you go see if you are pregnant?

He does a pregnancy test on you urine and then examines inside your vagina and will push on your uterus. They can feel if you're pregnant.

What makes a sperm cell move?

A sperm cell has a small agile tail which swings to and fro to push the cell forward. This tail helps it to move. Unlike the sperm cell the egg cell doesn't move since when the sperm cell unites with it the food is provided by the egg cell.

Can a virgin get pregnant when a guy is trying to push himself into the girl but doesn't go in?

answer:yes actually you can get pregnant by pre ejaculation all it has to do is drip into you and devolop and you could easily get pregnant.

If no condom is used and vagina is washed with soap and water right after could a person still get pregnant?

Yes. Sperms are already swimming and if they have reached the uterus it's too late. And washing the inside of the vagina will just push them further up. Get the morning after pill. Washing afterwards does not work as a emergency contraception.

Are you pregnant if you have hard poos and are hard to push out?

Constipation usually have other reasons then pregnancy but the only way to be sure if you are pregnant or not is to take a test.

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