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Yes, if sperm comes anywhere near the vagina then there is a chance that she will become pregnant.

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Can you get pregnant without the penis going all the way in the vagina?

Certainly. You can get pregnant without the penis going in at all.

How can you get pregnant but still be a virgin?

a mans semen can be near a women s vagina and get her pregnant. a women can get pregnant without the penis entering the body. it only has to be on the vagina, not in it. :-o

How long can you have intercourse without getting pregnant?

The minute a penis enters the vagina you can get pregnant so protect yourself if you are not trying to get pregnant!

Can you get pregnant from accidently touching the vagina with the head of your penis?

"You" probably can't get pregnant if you have "your penis" It is theoretically possible for the girl to get pregnant, if there is any semen at all present on or near the vagina, however, it is somewhat unlikely without penetration, so chances are slim that she could get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if your mans penis touch your vagina without entering it at foreplay stage?

Technically No. But if the man has pre-ejaculation and his penis head is wet with semen and by chance that got into your vagina, there is a possibility that you can get pregnant. But the chances are very slim.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you stick your penis in for 2 seconds?

Yes, the length of time the penis was inserted has no bearing on pregnancy. The only thing that matters is if ejaculate or preejaculate enters the vagina of a woman of childbearing age. Sperm cells don't have a "5 second rule" or anything like that.

Can your girlfriend get pregnant if you rubbed her vagina with your hands?

No... in order for a woman to get pregnant, your PENIS has to go IN her vagina.

Can you get pregnant if his penis is not in you?

Yes. If there is sperm in or around the vagina you can get pregnant.

If you tried on a tampon without a period will you get pregnant?

A tampon will never make you pregnant, and won't interfere with your ability to get pregnant in the future. You get pregnant from a penis in the vagina, not a tampon.

Can you get pregnant if you don't wipe off the sperm off his penis?

You can only get pregnant if the sperm from his penis reaches the inside of your vagina. Sperm left on his penis can't make you pregnant unless he enters your vagina.

Can a futanari get a girl pregnant?

Nope, only boys can get girls pregnant

Can a girl become pregnant even if the penis does not enter the vagina?

yes if the penis is near the vagina you can become pregnant, because if the sperms go on the vagina it can find it's way to an egg.

Can you get pregnant when a male eats your vagina?

Lol no you can only get pregnant when a man puts his penis into a vagina and ejaculates into it.

How does a person get pregnant?

Well a dude puts his penis in a gurls vagina and sperm goes from his penis throught the vagina and enters the womans eggand thats how you get pregnant

Can a girl get pregnant when the penis touches the outer part of the vagina?

Yes. As long as sperm is in/near the vagina she can get pregnant.

Would you get sick or pregnant if you sucked on a penis?

You could get sick if he has a STD but pregnant you can only get if he inserts his penis in your vagina.

Can a person get pregnant from pre-come even if his penis is not in the vagina?

Yes, if any of the sperm comes in contact with the actual vagina, yes you can get pregnant from that, even if the penis never physically penetrated the vagina.

Can you get pregnant if he takes his condom off after he got sperm and then he play with his penis on your vagina?

Yes, there is still semen on his penis, so putting it any near the vagina can get you pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if the penis does not go in?

Yes. If ANY sperm goes in the vagina you WILL get pregnant

Where penetrate the penis for pregnant?

To have a pregnancy, the penis enters the vagina. There must also be an ejaculation.

Can you get pregnant if a man's penis was dry but it touched the tips of the vaginal lips and then used a condom and had sex?

No you can't get pregnant if it only touched the vagina with dry penis in order to be pregnant is getting the mans fluid in the vagina.

Can you get pregnant if your husband has erectile dysfunction?

It is possible for a man to orgasm without an erection. If he was in you at all, or even just had the tip of his penis rub against your vagina, or if any sperm from him came into contact with your vagina, then you could get pregnant.

What is the position to get pregnant?

Any position in which the penis enters the vagina.

Can you get pregnant from a wet penis?

If it comes into contact with the vagina, then yes, you can

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