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Q: Can you get pregnant if you touched his penis and then you tocuhed yourself after?
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I touched my gf Verginal with my fingure but not sure if i have touched my penis before that. But last 2 months she is having periods for 3 days and this time for 12 day Can she be pregnant for this.?


Could your girlfriend be pregnant if her period is one week late but you didn't put your penis inside her but you touched her with your penis for one minute only outside?

no, She will not be pregnant but never actually have sex doing nothing but touching with a penis a lady feels more special if you put your dick inside her

Do guys like their penis touched?


How does it feel to have your penis touched?

It feels amazing

Can a girl get pregnant if a guy touched his penis but wiped his hand off before touching the girl?

Not very likely at all, but if you are worried have her take a pregnancy test

Can you get pregnant if some semen comes out of the penis while you touching it then you touch yourself down there?

It's possible but not that likely.

Will you get pregnant by just feeling your boyfriends penis?

to get pregnant you have to have sexual intercourse, his penis has to enter your vagina for you to get pregnant.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you have a 4.5 in penis?

The size of the penis has nothing to do with your ability to get someone pregnant. Its your sperm. So yes you can get a girl pregnant with a 4.5 in penis.

Can a girl get pregnant if sperm is touched in boy finger and after half and hour if he uses the same finger to insert his penis onto the vagina?

One word to the wise - Yes!

Can a woman who has a penis get pregnant?


Did anyone ever touched Daniel Radcliffe's penis not including his parents?


Your penis touched uterus does she get pregnant?

Maybe. First I hope your penis didn't touch her uterus, that would be painful. No one was using birth control - condom, birth control pill, patch, shot, implant....Your penis touched or was in her vagina? If you ejaculated (orgasm = semen & sperm) while your penis was touching her vagina (the man's part in making a baby - also called baby batter).If she was ovulating (had a mature egg) - ready for making a baby (the lady's part in baby making).All these things had to happen for her to get pregnant. No semen, no egg, yes birth control - means no baby.

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