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Q: Can you get pregnant if your wearing a thong and your boyfriend rubs his penis along your vagina but does not insert it?
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Can you get pregnant if you wearing a tampon and your boyfriend sperms indside your vagina?


If I insert sperm that was in a rubber glove inside of your vagina after a few hours after your boyfriend ejaculated can you become pregnant?


Me and my boyfriend were dryhumping and he came but it was higher up on the vagina then needed to be to get pregnant. i was wearing jeans and underwear. can i still get pregnant?

very unlikely

If you insert fingers into the vagina will you get pregnant?

No, you cannot get pregnant. Your fingers do not contain sperm and they do not ejaculate. Just wash your hands if he ejaculated on your fingers before you insert them into your vagina and you will be fine.

When should you put your penis in the vagina.?

You should put your penis in the vagina when you want to get the partner pregnant. Otherwise, insert your penis when you are aroused and wearing protection. At any rate, it should always be when your partner desires it.

'Can you get pregnant if sperm enters the vagina but was a virgin and the guy is wearing boxers and two pairs of shorts'?

Hi. Sperm can enter the vagina any time it comes into direct contact with a vagina. However, based on what you have said I would find it very unlikely if you became pregnant from this encounter, especially as your boyfriend was wearing boxers and two pairs of shorts.

Can you get pregnant if a boy is wearing underwear and your not?

If his sperm/semen comes in to contact with your vagina, you can get pregnant.

What is the probability of getting a girl pregnant if you fully ejaculate still wearing pants but then later on insert penis into the girls vagina but only about an inch once and then stop?


Is it possible to get pregnant if your boyfriend pre-ejaculate was around your vagina?


Is it possible to be pregnant if my boyfriend squirted but he was not inside me We were both naked and it was close to my vagina...?

if it was on your vagina then it could be possible. But if it was close to it then you may not be pregnant.

Can i get pregnant if your boyfriend going to fast?

Speed has nothing to do with the fact of getting pregnant or not if your "boyfriend" ejaculated into you with no condom on you can get pregnant. The speed of his penis in and out of your vagina has nothing to do with it.

If you had a sex and at that time your boyfriend wearing panty and jeans and iam not wearing anything iam nude is ther chances of getting pregnant?

The only way to get pregnant is if sperm gets into your vagina, and reaches an egg. So, if he ejaculated any time during your sex, and that sperm got close to your vagina, there is always a slight possibility.

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