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kinda vague hard to say but it's obvious if he was in at any point theres the possibility.

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Why do pubic lice go on pubic hair?

The best guess for why pubic lice prefer pubic hair is that the hairs area spaced just right for the size of the insect.

Can guys get women's discharge on their pubic hair?

Yes, anything can be get on pubic hair just like anything will stick to head hair.

How did pubic lice start?

Well pubic lice is just like head lice but only on your pubic hair. Lice can travel down from your head to you pubic hair and that's how you get it.

Why is pubic hair curley?

Cause they just are :/

If you have pubic hair does that mean i have hit puberty?

Pubic hair is one of the first stages of puberty, so you have just begun

Is it bad to be thirteen and have no pubic hair?

no its NT bad ur just a late sheder im 11 and i have pubic hair

Why do you have pubic hair and why are they curly?

Pubic hair just comes along with puberty. It's just like growing leg hair. It comes about the time you get your period and begin developing breasts. It's just a part of becoming a teenager. And not everyones pubic hair is curly. It can be either way. Even if the hair on your head is straight.

Can you color pubic hair?

Sure, you can color your pubic hair! Will look pretty sexy! Just use a good quality product. Make sure it only get in your pubic hair - not in your sensitive private parts

Do most gay men like pubic hair or no pubic hair?

I would say very little if not none but that's just me

Is it normal to wax pubic hair?

I think waxing of pubic hair may be more common in persons under age 25 or so and less common as people age. As just one example, almost all patients in the hospital have pubic hair. and it also hurts when you wax your pubic hair so i suggest you DO NOT wax your pubic hair.

Do guys like girls with or without pubic hair?

it just depends on the guy. most guys do like girls without pubic hair.

10 years pubic hair?

i had pubic hair and made an attempt to masturbate at 10 years old you are just an early bloomer and you are fine

Can male shave pubic hair?

Yes, of course men can shave their pubic hair! Why not? It feels great ... just be careful not to cut yourself ;-)

Do guys like pubic hair?

It doesn't matter! if you feel comfortable with pubic hair go on ahead. and if a guy asks to to shave it it just matters if u want to be shaved or not. =) do what makes you comfortable! i just trim my pubic hair and well it just doesn't matter. its bout how you feel bout it.

Why do girls hate pubic hair?

Not all girls do hate pubic hair. Some like it, some don't. Just like some like straight hair, and others like curly hair. It is just personal preference.

How do females with Brazilian pubic hair cut look?

It's just a vulva with no hair on it.

Best way to get rid of pubic hair?

you shouldn't shave your pubic hair. if its the pits, you can shave that. but if its your private hair, than just shave the borders of the pubic hair. If you shave the whole thing off, it'll grow back bushier than before.

What happens to the vagina when your pregnant?

Well,this is me and I'm pregnant now my vagina doesn't have any changes its just my period has stopped.And im not really used to it. Don't worry! my pubic hair has grown a bit

What is a pubic area?

Pubic area is the front part of human body between the groins just above the genitals. In adult male and female it is covered by hair called the pubic hair. Pubic area is covered by inner wear and trousers.

Why would one want shaved pubic hair?

Some people prefer to have shaved pubic hair, its all down to ones personal preference. Although some say its cleaner really its just as clean as having pubic hair.

Is it normal to get vaginal discharge before pubic hair?

It's completely normal. The same thing happend to me. It just means that the pubic hair is on it's way!!

Do black women get pubic hair?

All men and women have public hair as they mature into adults. Some have curly hair and some have straight hair just as on their head. Color is like this also. Some people with black hair can have dark hair in the pubic region or the opposite can be true.

Does pubic hair turn gray?

yes it does, just like the rest of the body hair when you age.

Is early pubic hair a problem?

Early pubic hair is not a problem in any way. Often, early pubic hair is just an indication that puberty is beginning in a person. Other secondary sex changes will soon follow, and this is completely normal and healthy.

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