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As soon as a penis enters a vagina, no matter what you have done, you CAN get pregnant.


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You can get pregnant at any time suring your cycle if you have unprotected sex. It is less likely to get pregnant DURING your menstrual period, but it is possible. If you are trying not to get pregnant, make sure you use a condom during your whole cycle. If you've had unprotected sex and you're worried you might get pregnant, go to a helth department or Planned Parenthood and ask for the Plan B pills. They are higher does birth control pills that may stop you from getting pregnant.

Once you are back on a natural menstruation cycle you can get pregnant.

I think the question is "I had unprotected sex and missed a lot of birth control pills, how do I know if I will get my period or if I am pregnant?"The answer is: Ask the doctor or see what color the pregnancy test is.Dear friend, You will not have period if you become pregnant and you will not be pregnant if you have period

The better pills that is used after menstruation is used to reduce the cramps. Talk to your gynaecologist for the best pills to use after menstruation.

ABSOLUTELY! The likelihood is debatable, but the answer is definitely, YES. You could get pregnant.

The birth control pills that are available would suit you.

It's not really possible to delay menstruation unless you are taking birth control pills (or become pregnant, of course).

Yes you can, if you have had unprotected sex within those two days. Another form of protection will be needed.

Immediately after stopping pills you can expect pregnancy (after regular unprotected sex!).

You can not be pregnant if you have your period at all. However, if you have missed a week of your birth control pills you do have the chance of becoming pregnant if you have unprotected sex.

AnswerYes - there is always a chance that you can become pregnant if you have unprotected sex. If you do not want to get pregnant remember to take your pills and in addition to your pill always use a condom - not only will it be additive protection but can also prevent the transmission of STD's and HIV/Aids.

You need to be on birth control pills for at least seven days before you are protected. Therefore if you have been taking the pills correctly, you will not get pregnant 2 weeks after. You need to be on birth control pills for at least seven days before you are protected. Therefore if you have been taking the pills correctly, you will not get pregnant 2 weeks after.

Not if you took your pills like you should have. The pills between the end of the 28 days of pills and the start of the new ones are just to keep you on track. After years on the pills I finally quit doing that.

IF you were having unprotected sex during the time you was not taking your birth contol pills it could be a possibilty you may have got pregnant during that time. Do you now when you have you next period and also how long was you not taking your birth control pills all this will make a difference if your pregnant or not.

yes you could still be pregnant, a break through bleed does not necessarily mean a period, which would mean you wouldn't be pregnant, i would see your doctor if you have left it too late for the morning after pill.

It wouldn't be your stomach swelling, but your uterus. You could be pregnant if you've stopped taking birth control pills and you've had unprotected sex.

We here can possibly know if you got pregnant then. You don't get pregnant every time you have unprotected sex. You just have to wait 2 weeks and take a test.

Im assuming you are taking all these pills in one day because you skipped them on their appropriate days. If so, then yes, there is a possibility that you can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex on one of those days.

The only way you can delay menstruation is by taking birth control pills.

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