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Yes! but if you go to the doctor they can usually tell you around the time you concieved.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-23 03:12:32
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Q: Can you get pregnant without knowing when it happened?
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Can a woman get pregnant miscarry without knowing it and get pregnant again without knowing it?

Yes, it is possible.

How do you get pregnant without the guy knowing?

you don't tell him

Can one go on labor without knowing they are pregnant?


Can a doctor drug test a pregnant woman?

yes they can and they can do it without you knowing

Can someone be pregnant without knowing?

Yes,.some pregnancies can be hidden.

Can you be pregnant without knowing?

Yes you can... Accept for taking a test, there's no way to know for sure that you are pregnant. Some girls went all the way through the nine months without ever knowing.

What is a synonym for abrupt?

something that will happen or happened without anyone knowing, and when it suddenly happened etc.

If someone is pregnant then how do they do it without their parents knowing?

Call PLANNED PARENTHOOD in your city.

How can you be pregnant without knowing it?

That's the million dollar question! Watch "I Didn't Know I was Pregnant" on the Discovery Health Channel.

Why do you search for causes of war?

because by knowing the cause of the war we know why it was happened without knowing that we can't jutifytat conclusion is wright or not

How can i get pregnant without my husband knowing?

You don't try to screw up not only his life, but that of the baby.

How soon after conceiving can you miscarriage?

Right away. Many women miscarry without knowing they are pregnant.

Can you get pregnant even if you do not have your periods yet?

Before you bleed the first time you ovulate so you can get pregnant then without even knowing your period is on the way.

How long can a woman be pregnant without knowing?

through her whoel pregnancy. if she is heavy or has a period throughout her pregnancy.

Does wade barrett have kids?

no. but traveling every where he just might get a young woman pregnant without knowing it.

where is there housing for pregnant teens close by?

Without knowing your location, I would suggest you speak to a local school or church for information about pregnant teen shelters.

Can you miscarry a baby without knowing you're pregnant?

Yes. It's very common to miscarry early on without even realizing you were pregnant. It's like having a very heavy period.

Why was it part of history?

Without knowing what "it" is... Presumably because it happened. Anything that happens is part of history.

Can one got pregnant without having period for half an year.?

It happened to me!

Is it possible to have a miscarriage without knowing it?

Yes, the majority of miscarriages happen before the woman even knows she is pregnant.

What happened to Rose's twin sister American Dragon?

she joind the huntsmen without rose knowing or died

Where can you get sperm from a sperm bank without your doctor knowing?

I have no clue, but, after a while, your doctor would know, because you'll be pregnant!!!

What happened in January 1918?

World War I was raging and many things happened in January 1918. This cannot be answered accurately without knowing either where or who was involved.

If you are about 2 or more months pregnant without knowing would a pregnancy test be more accurate?

Yes, a test would be accurate

Could you be 5 weeks pregnant and not know?

Yes, some women go much longer than 5 weeks. Some have even given birth without knowing they were pregnant.