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Can you get sick from drinking your lunch?


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You can get sick from imbibing anything if you have an intestinal problem.


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1 million kids get sick from school lunch

Will drinking brandy when you're sick? ??? uh. yes

Yes, since humans can get sick from drinking it, then dogs can too.

Yes, animals can get sick from drinking dirty contaminated water. The animals can get parasites that will make them very sick.

by not drinking a whole lot of it at a time

Too much of anything can make you sick.

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because most of the sonias dont eat lunch so there stomach are not used to it.

Yes, it can even kill you.

Take it to a vet, its probably sick

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Certainly. It also keeps you alive.

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Not eatingnot drinkingnot it's selfno exercise

You will vomit or have a terrible stomach ache.

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That depends on what is in the water. But if it is clean, fresh water, and you're not allergic to water, you should not get sick from it.

it doesnt make you sick so always drink wine becuase its really good for you

It really depends on the spider. Any ordinary house spider should not make you sick.

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