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I don't think so. I've never heard of someone getting sick from it but it could either be a std or you just hate the taste.

Actually, some people are allergic to certain components of semen and could have a reaction to it.


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Depends on which std your taking about, but usually no.

You can't get an STD from your own semen coming in contact with any part of your body, internal or external. If the semen is infected with an STD, you can't get any more infected.

Believe it or not, there have been no studies on the use of semen taste as an indicator of STDs. Ask your health care provider for STD testing instead.

There is a possability that the individual may have an infection or an (STD).. So what is likely recommended is that u set up an appointment and get examined...

Clear semen is not a symptom for any STD. Typical symptoms for several kinds of STDs are a discharge from the penis or pain or burning sensation when urinating.

Semen does not do anything to the skin at all. However if the semen has an STD like HIV then if it gets in sores the person will get HIV as well.

Swallowing semen from a disease-free male during sex is generally safe. There is nothing unhealthy about swallowing unless the person has an STD.

The risks of swallowing semen are that you may contract an STI/STD. If you are giving a man oral sex you should use condoms to reduce your risks of STI/STD.

No. Semen is not apart of the immune system. People become sick because of germs. Its starts in the immune system.

An STD doesn't necessarily cause pink eye. STD & pink eye are two different conditions. So the answer is NO

STDs do not cause brown sperm.

Semen analysis does not test for STDs. Ask your health care provider for STD testing.

No, semen has no effect like that on anything. But you can get a STD and pregnant if the semen drops down to the vagina.

No; you can not get a STD from a person that doesn't have it.No. If your partner is uninfected, then you'll be fine.the only way someone can get an std is being unsafe and performing sex acts with infected people

Semen is produced by the male sex organs. Girls do not HAVE semen.

No, you won't be able to tell by sperm if there is a STD.

The Penis is the male organ through which urine and semen pass.

It takes having sex ONCE with ONE guy who has an STD for you to get can take just one female for a male to get an STD, also it can take one male for a female to get an STD.

A scrotum is a normal part of the male anatomy. It is not a sign of an STD.

No, the statement is false.

Semen (which is the fluid that contains sperm) is produced by the male of the species. It is harmless to taste (or swallow). Just remember that if the donor (that can be you or another guy) has an STD it can be passed on to the mouth.

It could be an STD, but not necessarily. It may be a hernia

A male can get an STD from a male or a female.

In the male, masturbation inducing orgasm will produce semen

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