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Only if the other girl is sick with something that is transmissible in that way. If she is not ill at all, even with a cold, then you cannot get sick.

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What does it mean to spit out a seed from a maraschino cherry?

It means to avoid swallowing it.

Why do you spit a lot when your thoart is hurting?

You spit because there is more pain, while swallowing. This way the strep bacteria spread.

Why shouldn't you spit on people?

you get sick

Why is spit hazardous to others health?

Germs can travel from spit, if it the certain person is sick then there would be more Germs traveling from the spit, to the person.

What is the another name of spit?

Spit is called saliva.

Can swallowing too much mucus cause stomachache?

Yes! In fact, swallowing mucus can even cause you to throw up. If you have mucus in your system, try to cough or spit it out.

What is another word for spit?

Saliva is the more scientific word for spit

How does a cat get sick?

the same way a person gets sick. or through saliva (spit), so be careful if a sick cat is around other cats.

What is another name of spit?


What is another name for spit?


What is another name for saliva?


What is saliva another word for?


What is another term for spit?


Can you get herpes from swallowing sperm?

Whether you swallow or spit doesn't affect the risk of herpes. Having oral sex can spread herpes.

Girls swallowing sperm is a healthy drink?

I really don't know but to me from a girls point of view that nasty just suck the penis and squirt in the toilet or something.A:Its completely healthy for girls and guys to swallow as long as the guy being sucked doesn't have any STDs.I was affraid of getting it in my mouth at first, but once I got used to it I realized I loved it! Now I can't imaging sucking a guy and not swallowing. It would be like a total rejection of the guy to spit it out or not to let him ejaculate in my mouth to begin with.

Why Greeks spit on one another?

Us Greeks spit on each other for good luck.

Another name for spit?

Saliva or spat.

Who produced Miley Cyrus new CD?

spit sick productions i believe..

Can you get sick if someone spit in your food?

if any1 is havin cough or cold.... you will obviously fall ill.....

What other word is there for spit other than saliva?

Some other words for the noun spit are spittle, slobber, slaver, and sputum. Another word for the verb spit is expectorate.

Why do some girls spit out sperm?

A lot of girls find it unpleasant to swallow and several women will not even allow ejaculation in the mouth.

What is a easy way to loosen up a girls ass?

lots of spit or lube and fingers

What does Harry Styles dislike?

he dislikes olives and he hates when girls smoke,swear, or spit (:

Why should you cover your mouth while sneezing?

When most people sneeze, lots of air and sometimes spit comes out of their mouths. If they sneeze, they could be sick, the air could get to someones face and they would get sick. And, If you ask me, I'd rather cover my mouth than spit on everything and everyone

Another word for spit?

dump, brake up, leaving :)