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Can you get spidy powers?

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YESSSSSSSSSSSS! i have spidy powers right now. im ontop of your roof top. go outside and look up. youll see my web that i made. lol. i got to go and save the world now! pce out my homes...

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Will there ever be a movie about Peter Parkers daughter May Mayday Parker aka Spider Girl?

Probably not since they have a new actor for spidy 4. I heard it was like a spidy remake which I find stupid.

Is Spider Man shatterd dimesions good?

It is the best game of all the spidy games.

What powers do spider man have?

1) Super Strencth 2)Spidy Sence 3)Webs 4)The ability to climb walls and other objects 5)This is the biggist one, not many people know of this power, it's... the power to be tottaly awsome.

How do you unlock wade barret in svr 2011 for psp?

code for unlocking the wade barette is smriti mukerjee spidy

How come only Spider Man has a hand symbol why doesn't batman or superman why only Spider Man?

Cuss Spidy rules

Who would win green lantern or Spider-Man?

Spider man because his webs are unlimited and he can crawl and his spidy sense Green lantern is stupid

How do blind people know that there is braille where they are at?

When a person goes blind there other sences become hightened, as you may have heard. But many people don't realized the sort of spidy sence that blind people posses. Question, Have you ever seen a blind person just undressing on a crowded subway platform. Answer No. It's because they develope jesus like powers that allow them to be all knowing at all times. So the way a blind person knows there is brail around them is they just harness there powers or they could just ask.

Is the human torch and spider man gay?

No, Spiderman is married to Mary Jane Watson-Parker There was a version of spiderman (Spider-women) in the Exiles who was gay. This version of Spidy was infact another version of Mary Jane Watson!

Reserved powers delegated powers and concurrent powers are considered what?

reserved powers are powers reserved to the state Delegated powers are powers reserved to the federal government and Concurrent powers are powers reserved to both state and federal government

What is the tenth amendment A.concurrent powers B.delegated powers C.reserved powers D.implied powers?

delegated powers

What is the division of federalism powers?

delegated powers, concurrent powers, and reserved powers

What state powers do the federalists have?

None..state powers have state powers and federal powers have federal powers. The powers not given to the federal government belongs to the state so they each have different powers.

What are the three types of governmental powers?

Enumerated powersConcurrent powersReserved powers

What powers were in World War 2?

The Allied Powers, Axis powers, and the Neutral Powers

What are the three fundamental powers of government?

executive powers, legislative powers, and judicial powers

What kind of powers are powers that are not expressed?

implied powers.

Define the express powers and implied powers?

Implied powers are congress exercised powers which are not given explicitly by the constitution. While express powers are the powers which is given by the constitution.

What is the difference between Expressed Powers and Implied Powers of Congress?

Expressed powers are powers that are specifically listed in the Constitution. Implied powers are powers not listed in the Constitution but according to the "necessary and proper" clause, these powers may used to carry out expressed powers.

What are national powers and state powers divided into?

National powers are called "Federal powers"; those of the States' are called "police powers."

The definiton of implied powers?

Implied powers are powers that are not expressly stated, but people know they have those powers. They are powers that are not stated in the Constitution.

What powers are held by the different governments in the US?

Delegated powers Concurrent powers Reserved powers

What powers are not written in the Constitution but are powers that are reasonably obtained by interpreting the expressed powers?

Implied Powers

Reserved powers are those powers reserved for?

Reserved powers are those powers reserved for not reserved for- but granted to the states. The definition of reserved powers: All powers not expressed in the Constitution are granted to the states and called reserved powers.

What is the difference between enumerated and implied powers?

Implied powers are powers that are perceived to be in place. Enumerated powers are powers that are specifically listed. An example of enumerated powers are the powers listed in Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution.

Describe the compensation and privileges given to members of congress?

Delegated Powers are powers given only to the federal government. Reserved Powers are powers reserved for state governments. and concurrent powers are powers shared between the state and federal governments. Implied powers are powers that congress are not specifically listed in the constitution and expressed powers are powers of congress that are specified.