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Yes, but only on Super Power Island.

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Is super power real?

yes super powers are real on poptroica you have to look them up on youtube. You have to put in how to get super powers on poptropica

What super powers can you get on poptropica?

you can just fly at the end peace out!

How do you get super hero powers on poptropica?

go to a old superhero on super hero island

How do get super powers in poptropica?

Defeat five supervillains on super power island and answer the pay phone.

How do you get sir bebel in super powers on poptropica?

you get it when you defeat all the villans then answer the phone

I cant touch her hand in poptropica super powers what do i do?

Dodge everything she throws at u!! By: P Master

What super powers can you have on poptropica?

On Super Power island, defeating 5 super villains gives you flying power (only on that island, or on any ad-games played while there).

What is your quest in poptropica super power island?

A giant meteor hits the island's prison house, and the prisoners get super powers from it.You have to be the hero and save the day.

What does super man do for his powers?

He is old in poptropica, but he's powers do is flying :] which he will not walk or run anymore, but in poptropica, he is sitting on the daily paper building sitting because he is old and he needs are help :] after defeating 5 villains, last one is a flying girl but i forgot her name, the phone has to ring to have flying powers

What is the proper way to get super powers?

In Poptropica, if you wanted super powers, you need to beat the first five villains (Sir Rebral, Copy Cat, Ratman, Crusher, Speedy Spike) and then go to the Telephone Booth, where you answer the phone by clicking it twice. You now have super powers. You use them to beat Betty Jetty, who is on top a building Downtown.

Why is evil superhero?

Superheros have super powers..... super powers do not exist....... Humns have extraordinary powers called FIGHT AND FLIGHT...... SO NO SUPER POWERS,NO SUPER HERO,NO EVIL SUPER HEROES...

How do you get flying powers on poptropica?

you beat all the super bad people then walk past the telephone and it will say ring ring pick it up and you have it

How do you become a super hero on Poptropica?

On Super Power island, you can earn super flying power (on that island only) by capturing 5 escaped villains who have acquired super powers. You will use that power to catch the sixth villain. (see related question)

Can you really have super powers?

No you cannot have super powers as 'Super powers' do not exist. Super powers are used mostly in fantasy books and movies, as humans cannot have 'super' powers.

How do you use my super powers on club penguin?

It is imposible to get super powers

What movie has a family with super powers?

The Incredibles is the family with super powers.

Was wonder woman born with super powers?

No, she was not born with her super powers.

What if you had super powers?

If I had super powers, I would be feared by the governments of the world.

Can people ever get super powers?

no, no one in the world has super powers

How do you get flying powers in poptropica?

after you defeat every villain except for betty jetty go to the telephone and push on the telephone and then that's how you'll get your super power

Are there real super powers?

no there are not real super powers that's imposible

How do you get the flying powers on poptropica?

To get the flying powers to defeat Betty Jetty you need to defeat 4 super villians then walk to the phone booth. The phone inside it will be ringing. Answer it and the powers will be with you. If the phone isn't working be sure that you have defeated 4 other villians!!!

Can you get powers?

you can get powers in super power

Do ghost have super powers?

They do not have powers:)

What do you do in super power island Poptropica?

in super power island in poptropica you get to defeat 6 villains that escaped from jail!

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