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No you can not.

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Q: Can you get syphilis from a person with syphilis scratching you?
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Is scratching in prayer bad?

yes it is you noutghty person

If you scratch a dog behind the ear does that indicate to the dog that the dog is the alpha male?

Scratching a dog behind the ears indicates nothing about the dog; it only indicates something about the person who is scratching the dog. Perhaps the person is the alpha male.

Who is considered the first person to use the technique called scratching?

Grand Wizard Theodore

Who was the first person to invent a map?

That's prehistory - some caveman scratching a plan in the dirt.

What does scratching mean?

Scratching is relieving an itch.

Why should a person who has symptoms of syphilis seek medical attention?

Because it's an STD....It's like saying "Hey I want cancer forever!" Syphilis, if untreated, can actually have some rather serious consequences. It can impact the heart/cardiovascular system and even progress to neurosyphilis (tertiary syphilis). Also, syphilis is a highly transmittable STD, so anyone with syphilis should get it treated right away so that they're healthy and don't spread it to other people.

Can you die of syphilis's?

You can die of untreated syphilis. Syphilis is easily treated, so it's not necessary to let it kill you.

What is the Tagalog of scratching?

Tagalog translation of scratching: nagkakamot

Can you donate a kidney if you've had syphilis?

Because syphilis gets into the blood.

Have dogs got syphilis?

No Syphilis is a human diesese that can not be transferred to pets

A person who uses voice to make beats rhythms and melodies as well as simulate record scratching and instruments is called a?


What is the medical term for primary sore of syphilis?

Primary of sore syphilis is a chancre.