What are scratching birds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What are scratching birds?
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Are peacocks scratching birds?


What type of claws does a peacock have?

Peacocks have similar 'claws' to roosters. They have small talons, used for scratching at the ground.

Do guinea hens have talons?

They have claws, used for scratching dirt in the search for food, not gripping prey. Guinea fowl are not raptors or birds of prey.

What does scratching mean?

Scratching is relieving an itch.

What are some examples of scratching birds?

ChickensTurkeysPheasantsScrub turkeys (an Australian bird)

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Tagalog translation of scratching: nagkakamot

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Why do cats like scratching?

Cats like scratching because it allows them to sharpen their claws.

What if your is scratching itself?


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