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If you are not done growing, you will probably get taller but that height gain will not be related to weight loss. In fact, weight loss shouldn't affect growth in height UNLESS the weight loss is unhealthy weight loss resulting in malnutrition - in which case the result could be less growth in height.

2015-07-15 21:45:13
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Do you get taller when you lose weight?

If you are an adult you cannot grow taller by losing weight. Not if you have already finished growing. Though an adult will not actually grow taller if they lose weight, they can appear taller because they are now slimmer.

If you skateboard does it make you taller?

Skateboarding will not make you taller. It might make you skinnier or help you lose weight, but if you are not still growing, you won't get any taller.

Can you get taller if you lose weight?


When you lose weight do you look shorter or taller?


If you lose weight while you are still growing can your penis grow bigger?

No, but it is not good to lose weight whilst growing.

If you lose weight is it true you will get taller and if so how much taller?

No, you will not actually grow taller but you will appear taller because you are slimmer.

How do you decrease bmi?

Either you grow taller or lose weight :S

Growing taller tips?

Lose wheight

If you get taller will you lose weight?

No you will gain weight but if you don't eat lots of food you will appear slimmer

How do you lose weight at 14?

You shouldn't be trying to lose weight at that age because 1) you're still growing, so you could be growing taller & leaner, 2) diets, if that is your choice of method, at your age tend to become to extreme ( bullemia, anerexia ) . My best advice to you is to just go out, play some sports, and don't try anyhing too extreme!

How do you lose weight when you are 12 and weigh 128?

Eat a reasonable amount of food and do not snack between meals. Also bear in mind that you are still growing, and at some point it will be perfectly appropriate for you to weigh 128, when you are taller. That is not an extreme weight.

Can you lose weight by sitting after eating?

If your trying to LOSE WEIGHT you shouldn't sit after you are done eating, you should exercise after your done eating. If you sit after your done eating it is NOT good for your body! You can not lose weight by sitting after eating! Hope this helped<3

Is a 126 pound girl bad for a 5' 2 11 year old?

No not at all. you are 11, still growing. this means maintaining 126 lbs is healthy. as you get taller you will also stretch and get thinner. dont lose weight then you will look unhealthy when you get taller. you are perfect just the way you are.

What happens when you don't gain or lose weight for 4 months?

Nothing, unless you're still growing taller and yet not gaining any weight. Most people fluctuate between just a single pound or two for months or even years at a time.

Do you lose weight and get taller by playing football?

The workout, practice and game schedule might well induce one to lose weight, but like all exercise any weight loss program also involves controlling one's intake. As to getting taller, the answer is absolutely not. You have the causation exactly backwards. Taller people have an advantage and therefore do better in the game (all else being equal), which means that players tend to be taller. The game doesn't MAKE them taller any more than basketball does.

How can you lose weight and or grow taller?

You can lose weight only by following a diet and exercising, and u can grow taller by making sure ur body is gettibng all of the substances it needs, and make sure ur getting enough proteins, it helps ur bones grow!

Does it take a teenager fast to lose weight?

Yes because they are still growing

Do you need to lose weight if you are a 12 year old girl and you weigh 11 stone?

No!!!! Enjoy yourself while you are young. You will grow a lot taller and as you grow you will lose some of the weight. You should have a healthy diet as you are growing up. You are still young and a lot more time to grow. no but u should try not to put on any more weight and make sure you do lots of exercise.

How can a 13 year old girl lose 2 stone?

By eating healthy and exericising you will lose weight however this should not be your main concerne at your age you are still growing and chances are you will be getting skinnier as you grow taller. Dieting at a young age will not benefit your weight in the long run. Stay healthy, cut down on sweets and work harder in gym class : )

When do mini schnauzers start to grow taller?

They grow from birth to about one year of age. After that they only gain or lose weight.

How much weight can you lose in two weeks?

Done in a healthy manner, you can lose about 5 to 8 pounds.

Can hcg shots help you lose weight?

Yes, I've done it.

What are some successful diet plans to lose weight?

I would suggest checking into Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig if you would like to lose weight. They are both popular with good reputations. I have had friends and family that have done both and were able to lose weight.

Can you lose weight with chia seeds?

Yes you can, but it will be at the cost of growing plant matter from your hair follicles.

I am a 15 year old boy 5'6 220 pounds and I am going to lose weight will I become taller and how do I become taller?

You will become taller during puberty and will also lose fat during this period, though your total weight will probably increase due to increased height and increased muscle mass. Each boy has a slightly different time that they start hitting their growth spurts, but it should happen to you soon.