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yes but only by trade

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Q: Can you get the Sinnoh starters in Pokemon HeartGold and soul silver?
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How do you unlock the Sinnoh Region in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can not. It is impossible for Heartgold and Soulsilver.

What starter Pokemon are in Pokemon heartgold?

The starters of HeartGold will be the same as Pokemon Gold and Silver which were Chikorita (Grass), Cyndaquil (Fire) and Totodile (Water).

How can you get all three starters in Pokemon heartgold?

Trade with other people who have heart gold or soul silver.

What starters can you choose from on Pokemon soul silver?

The Availible Starters Are -Chikorita Grass Type Pokemon -Cyndaquill Fire Type Pokemon -Totodile Water Type Pokemon They Are All Availible In Pokemon HeartGold And, Pokemon SoulSilver

How do you get the starters from the Sinnoh region in soul silver?

you can't you have to trade

Can and how do you get to the Sinnoh region Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant get to the sinnoh region in Pokemon hart gold or soul silver but you can get the starter Pokemon at slip co (i think its called) once you done all gyms and defeated red (the Pokemon with emerald version).

Where is the sinnoh region in soul silver?

There is no sinnoh region in heartgold or soulsilver, it is only Johto and Kanto.

How do you get the fire red and LeafGreen starters on soul silver?

All those pokemon would need to be migrated to Heartgold/Soulsilver.

What are the starters on HeartGold and soul silver?

chikorita,cyndaquil, totodile

How do you get to the sinnoh region in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can't go to sinnoh in Pokemon soul silver.

Who is the first Pokemon in the johto region?

That would be Chikorita one of the starters at the beginning of the games gold, silver and crystal along with heartgold and soulsilver.

Can you go to Sinnoh in Pokemon Soul Silver?

you start out in sinnoh -_- you start out in Johto... And no you cant go to sinnoh but you can get the Pokemon by playing sinnoh tunes ;D

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