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Most toolbars are not supplied for Google Chrome. With Google Chrome 8, you can download extensions that act as toolbars.

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Q: Can you get toolbars in Google Chrome?
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Can yuo get toolbars in Google Chrome?

Yes you can use toolbar in Google Chrome. A number of advertising companies provide Chrome toolbar.

How can you get toolbars in Google Chrome?

There is no toolbar by default in Chrome. Other people have put toolbar as extension in store.

What is so special about Google Chrome?

Hey! I use google chrome all the time but not now because some virus ate it lol. The best thing about it is that you don't have all of those boring toolbars and everything is easier and organized.Even tho i have internet explorer, mozilla firefox and google chrome and i know how to use them all i like google chrome best. SHORTER VERSION: Everything is more organized and its easier to use with no stupid toolbars. Happy? :D

How do you unistall toolbars from Google Chrome?

You can uninstall toolbar by uninstalling extensions. Extensions could be uninstalled from the MORE TOOLS in settings.

Does have software?

yes have software, they have an extension for google chrome, and they have a download for quick searching and have toolbars got IE

Which one is better 'mozilla firefox'or 'Google Chrome'?

This is a opinionated question and highly debating able in my eyes google chrome is faster and better and also in google chrome Wont have to deal with any obnoxious adds,toolbars etc, I'm sure someone has else to say about my opinion buri myself would recommend using chrome.

How can you download softwares in Google Chrome?

Such as toolbars and other addons cannot be added. You may visit: for a list of javascript/flash plugins.

How do you open Google Chrome?

Start > Google Chrome > Google Chrome

Is Google Chrome cancelled?

No, you can download Google Chrome from Google.

what types of toolbars can you download online?

Different types of toolbars can be downloaded online. People can download search toolbars, such as those available from companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They can download application toolbars or contextual toolbars.

How you make Google home page with Google Chrome?

Bookmark Google on Google Chrome

Do you have to have a Google account to have Google Chrome?

No you don't need a google account to have google chrome

How can you copy and paste Google to Google Chrome?

Google is a website and Chrome is a browser. You can search items through Google but URL through Chrome.

What is google chrome's email?

Google Chrome does not have it's own email system. However Google Mail and Chrome both are products of Google.

How do you download Google scromes?

Google Chrome can be downloaded via the official website of Chrome. You can type Google Chrome on Google and get the first website.

Why use Google Chrome instead of Google?

Google Chrome is a web browser, while Google is a search engine. You can continue using Google while using Google Chrome.

Who is the manufacturer of Google Chrome?

Google is the manufacturer of Google Chrome. Larry Page is CEO of Google.

How created Google Chrome?

Google Chrome was created by the developers of Google. They made Chrome in order to make a stable browser.

Who is the name of invented the Google Chrome?

Google has the copyright to create the Chrome. The developers of Chrome worked in Google to develop the browsers.

Does Google Chrome cost anything?

Google Chrome does not cost to download it. Some of the extensions of Google Chrome cost money.

Googlemail works on safari but not Google Chrome?

Google Mail works on both safari and Chrome. Chrome is a Google Product so it must run on chrome.

Do you have to change from Google to Google Chrome. Can you keep using Google indefinately?

Google Chrome is not a website but a web browser. You can keep Google and Chrome both at the same time.

What is the best website for downloading Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is best downloaded from their official website. You can type Google Chrome into the Google search to get the website.

Do you have Google chrome?

No i have Safari but google chrome is pretty good.

Where do you download Google chrome?

You can download Google Chrome here:

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