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I have and it seems fine, 20 yr old.

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Q: Can you get yellow fever vaccination while on antibiotics?
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Can a whooping cough be trated by antibiotics?

Yes. While prevention via vaccination is recommended, if one does contract Whooping Cough (AKA Pertussis) antibiotics are administered to shorten the duration of the infection. Three of the main antibiotics prescriped for Whooping Cough are Azithromycin, Erythromycin, and Clarithromycin

Can you get the flu shot while taking Flagyl?

There is no drug interaction problem between the flu vaccine and Flagyl. But whether you get the vaccination while still taking the antibiotic may depend on why you are taking antibiotics. If you have a current infection, it is usually better to wait until that is cleared up before taking vaccines. But, each situation can be different, and this is a question that the doctor who prescribed the antibiotics should be asked to know what is right in your case.Unless there is a specific reason your doctor wants you to wait, usually the only reason not to get a flu shot while taking antibiotics would be if you have an active infection with a high fever over 101 F. Get your flu shot unless you have a high fever, or the doctor recommends delaying the immunization due to your specific condition.

Will aspirin stop infection?

No. It only helps with pain, fever, and swelling. Aspirin is often given alongside antibiotics to help deal with the discomfort while the antibiotics tackle the cause for the discomfort.

How did Walter reed help to get rid of the yellow fever?

Walter Reed helped cure Yellow Fever by creating the mosquito net while fighting in the war in Cuba, after his friend died from the disease.

What is Pseudomembranous Colitis?

Pseudomembranous Colitis is what causes people to suffer from diarrhea while on antibiotics. It includes fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. It is inflammation of the colon.

Can fish be vaccinated?

Farmed fish can be protected from disease risks by vaccination. Vaccines have been a major factorin decreasing the use of antibiotics in aquaculture while keeping fish healthy. The vaccines differ from farm to farm.

Can yellow fever be killed?

It affects the heart, kidneys, glands, liver, adrenal glands. When the liver is damaged, there is interference in the blood-clotting, which causes major problems in the body... this is how it kills

Can you take antibiotics while on a testosterone booster?

can you take antibiotics while on a testosterone booter

Why can't you get a flu shot when you have a cold?

For the best results, it is recommended that you not be ill when taking the flu shot. Take care of the cold, recover, and then get the shot. If you are noticeably ill, they may not give it to you.

What happens when ticks make you sick?

Yes. Ticks carry diseases such as FSME (a type of encepholitis) and more common, lyme disease. While there is a vaccination against FSME, a vaccination for lyme disease has not yet been developed. However, lyme disease can be treated by antibiotics. It's fairly important, however, to recognize the signs early on. If a round red rash at the site of the tick bite develops you should go to the doctor. He will test your blood for borelliose and prescribe antibotics.

How does typhoid fever affect your daily life?

While sick with typhoid fever, people suffer from high fevers that can cause delirium. They may develop rose spotted rashes, diarrhea, headaches, and perforations in the intestines. Antibiotics are able to treat the disease and carriers should not work with food to prevent the spreading of typhoid fever.

How did James bowie's wife die?

His wife and two kids both died of cholera while James bowie was ill with yellow fever.