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Maine Coon Cats originated in Maine, United States.

They were thought to be a crossbreed of a cat and a raccoon but this is scientifically impossible.

They are known for their cleverness with opening cupboards, drawers, and turning on sinks. They can be mischievous but they are usually quite lovable.

They are one of the biggest cat breeds and have extremely long fur that you must take delicate care of with about 2 brushings per day.

Overall the Maine Coon Cat is known for its loyalty to its owner, not its stomach, and it is a great companion to have with you.


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why maine coon, of course!

i own a female Maine coon cat and she is very greedy she is very fussy and doesnt like cat food Maine coon cats are very big and will rpobably eat as much as you feed them ask the person who you get the cat from or research online but my Maine coon cat will eat as much ham and chicken as you will give her

A Maine Coon or a Long-Haired cat.

No, the Maine Coon is a domestic cat.

If you want to find information on how to care for a Maine Coon Cat, the best place to seek answers from is the Maine Coon Rescue non-profit organization group. You can also visit a library or ask your local vet.

Its a Maine coon cause I saw a Maine coon which was as big as a German shepherd.

I think it is the Maine coon. I read in book about cats and they say that the biggest cat is the Maine coon.

I have a cat that I think may be a Maine coon... I guess that it really depends on the cat if it can open a door or not

The longest cat whisker ever recorded on a cat was on a Maine Coon. Missy, the Maine Coon had a whisker that measured 7.5 inches.

The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed. Maine Coon males average 15-25 pounds.

On Maine Coon cats' forehead, there are normally stripes resembling the letter "M" for Maine Coon. Maine Coon cats also have long whiskers and a long bushy tail. Maine Coon cats are also quite large.

Yes a Maine Coon cat is real. even though they are very large they are in fact real. i have had my Maine coon cat (Evie) for 5 years. They are very large but very very kind.

the Maine coon is not the biggest cat, the ragdoll is weighing at 22 pounds my Maine coon is only 16 Some cats can wiegh more than 16 some can wiegh 18-20

No, the Persian and the Maine Coon are distinct breeds. A cat can, however, have both Persian and Maine Coon in its ancestry, of course.

Maine Coon cats are a long-coated tabby type cat that usually have green eyes, and are a popular breed. Kittens of this breed can be purchased at various websites such as Maine Coon Cattery, Pets4Homes, Maine Coon Cat Nation, and Adopt A Pet.

Maine has two State mammals, the Moose and the Maine Coon Cat.

The Maine Coon is a breed of domestic cat with a distinctive physical appearance.It is one of the oldest natural breeds in North America, specifically native to the state of Maine, where it is the official State Cat.

It all depends on the personalities of the cats. Maine Coons are friendly and kitten like. But a shy timid cat might not be a good fit for a Maine Coon.

A Maine Coon Cat is a very large breed of domestic cat.

Maine Coon cats have very long hair and shed a lot. That is not the cat to get if you are allergic to these animals.

The Maine Coon is the largest breed. Maine Coon males average 15-50 pounds.

The price of a Maine Coon varies, depending on where you get the Maine Coon from, whether if it is show quality or not and other influences. Adopting a Maine Coon from a shelter will be less expensive than buying one from a breeder, and a show quality Maine Coon will cost more money than a breeder or pet quality one. Strays are obviously free and the same applies to most show cat retirees.

Well Maine coon cats are very large and very fluffy. But when they are kittens it is hard to tell. but i can tell you that Maine coon cats are usually from a breeder and don't "run wild".

Same as any other cat.

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