Can you give baby corn snake tap water to drink?

Updated: 11/15/2022
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Yes, a baby corm snake can drink regular tap water. They drink all sorts of water in the wild and it will not hurt them.

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Q: Can you give baby corn snake tap water to drink?
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What do corn snakes drink?

corn snakes drink water. if you have a pet corn snake you are required to change its water every day and i have seen my corn snake drink water, they would drink water in the wild as well.

Can a baby corn snake go in a tank with an adult corn snake?

yes a hatchling corn snake can go in a vivarium with an adult corn snake but only if the adult corn is very tame and feed well and there needs to be lots of hiding places for the hatchling corn snake to hide about 5 hides

Why is your new corn snake scared when you go up to its vivarium?

baby corn snake are timid it is their nature and it is a good sign as long as they are babies. if you have an adult corn snake you should not have this problem.

What snake is poisonous Ball Python Water Moccasin Corn Snake Milk Snake?

Water Moccasin by JZ

Is it okay to feed a baby corn snake 2 mice?


When you get a baby Corn Snake how do you make it like you?

you cant make a snake like you.But if you handle it often and give it very good care it will learn to like you,but it has to gain your trust first.good luck with your corn snake!

How much inches is a baby snake?

Newly-hatched corn snakes are approximately 6 inches (15cm).

Can you keep a male and female adult corn snake in the same tank?

if you would like baby corn snakes then yes

Can a baby corn snake eat a fiddleback spider?

No - spiders are not part of their natural diet !

Can you feed your baby corn snake breast of chicken?

no it is better to feed it baby mice.Because without any bones to eat it will those calcium. A mouse has all the right nutrients for your baby Corn.

What are some good corn snake names He is a reverse okata corn snake.?

Female: Lily, Baby, and Eve Male: Oak, Slither, Chase, Cornflake, Monster, and Spots Hope this helps!!

Can a baby corn snake live with a toad?

No, the snake will eventually eat the toad. ADDED AWNSERNot to mention, they need different environments as well.