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I think that you shouldn't cause honey is sticky right? so the gecko could get stuck in the honey of the honey could stick it's mouth shut so I do not think so

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Q: Can you give crested geckos honey?
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Can crested geckos be kept with leopard geckos?


What reptiles can eat fruit?

most can, leopard geckos, bearded dragons, crested geckos...

What country do crested geckos live?

Crested geckos are native to the green areas of New Caledonia off the coast of Australia.

Can green anoles and house geckos live with crested geckos?

no, they can't

Do crested geckos die over stress?

Yes, they can. Geckos are very sensitive.

Are flying geckos and crested geckos related?

Flying geckos are from the Gekkonidae family Cresteds are from the rhacodactylus family

When was Crested Honey Buzzard created?

Crested Honey Buzzard was created in 1821.

Are crested geckos amphibian or a reptile?

They are reptiles.

What is a crested honey-creeper?

A crested honeycreeper is a bird blue or red they like to eat honey

What is better a crested gecko or a golden gecko?

Crested Gecko. Golden Geckos are much faster and don't like being held. Get a crested gecko.

What type of lizard is a lepa rd and crested?

They are both types of geckos

Can you house a crested gecko with a helmeted gecko?

no, crested geckos are solitary animal they will kill and might eat the other animal