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You can borrow one or ask your mom or dad to buy a Vip

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Does anyone have an unused code for littlestpetshop?

cupcake why would anyone give you a code

Whats the code for the Littlestpetshop Vip Turtle?

turtle = beach

Littlestpetshop code for a panda?

Hello I need a LPS Code my Vips haven´t got a Code

What is the Littlestpetshop cheat code for a giraffe?

find a giraffe toy and pull off the tag

What are some littlestpetshop online bonus codes?

YES!! And i will tell you one!!!! The code is VIPGIRL.

How do you finde the codes of the littlestpetshop?

i need any vip code because i lost my password and i had 4 pets

A open tag for littlestpetshop?

see what the coe says see what the coe says see what the coe says see what the code says

Secret codes for littlestpetshop vip?


What is the password for littlestpetshop spring?

lpstru loser

Do you have any littlestpetshop vip codes?

Go to they should be there.

Free codes for littlestpetshop?

help! help! help! help!

How do I get cheat codes on littlestpetshop?

enter this in options lpstru to unlock the giraffe train ticket at meow market o kibble also if you like this game get littlestpetshop country friends version

Tell you a free littlestpetshop account?

{| ! Username | demonest17 ! Password | master17 |}

What game do you like?

if you want to know try these Webkinz neopets littlestpetshop evony

When the next island come in littlestpetshop online?

The next island is furrybook but it isn't out!:[

Is there a pink bunny in littlestpetshop vips?

no, there isn't a pink bunny, but there is a regular bunny. for more information, visit this website: -anserme1234

Give you a Webkinz code or me will die?

give a webkinz code to me ok

How do you give the code?

if you want to give it to him or her then give it to them

I need the code can you give me the pearl code?

there is no code for that

Is it safe to give out your friend code?

yes !! its safe to give out your friend code!!!

What code did Confucius give?

The Moral Code

What is pyrus dragonoids DNA code?

I will give it to you if you give a code to any bakugan to me first

Webkinz codes for code shop?

i have a code and a pet but i will not give out the code.

Can you give me a real be-brat code i will give you my b girl code?

there is no be bratz code you use the usb key to get in be bratz!

What is the radio code for a 2000 Chevrolet Malibu?

You will have to call the dealership and give them your VIN and they will give you the code.