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Q: Can you give me girlfriend
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What would you give to your girlfriend?

well if you whant to give your girlfriend something give her something that has value

Does akai have a girlfriend?

akai does have a girlfriend but he wont give a name :(

What to give a girlfriend?


In GTA Sa for PS2 how do you give your girlfriend flowers?

just press L1 and CJ will give a flowers a girlfriend

How to get a girlfriend in Club Penguin?

give sloppy

How will you convince your girlfriend to kiss with you?

give her flowers

How do you keep your girlfriend?

give her what she wants

How do you get your girlfriend to give you head?

Go out with her.

What do you do when your girlfriend is hungry?

Give her food. :-)

What gift will you give to your teacher girlfriend?

nothing shouldn't have a teacher that's ur girlfriend

How do you respond to your college girlfriend of three months' mother inviting you on a cruise with your girlfriend over spring break?

go on the cruise it give u more time with the girlfriend and also give the girlfriend a chance to show her mother how nice her partner is

Can I give a beautiful bra to my ex girlfriend who is married?

No, it is not right for an ex boyfriend to give his married ex girlfriend a bra as it is too personal.