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I = 1

v = 5

x = 10

l = 50

c = 100

d = 500

m = 1000

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Q: Can you give us a list of Roman numerals from M to V?
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What us Y in roman Numerals?

There is no such numeral as Y in Roman numerals

Could you please show us how to add together 1449 and 550 using Roman numerals?

Convert from Roman numerals to Arabic numerals, add, convert back to Roman numerals.

Why are Roman Numerals invented?

cos it can help us.....

How are roman numerals are still used today?

The Latin language is still used today and Roman numerals are the numerical element of the languge. Roman numerals can be found on one dollar US bills in the form of MDCCLXXVI which means 1776

Why Roman numerals are used today?

because Romans made it for us

How does roman math and science affect us today?

Roman numerals! we use roman numeral clocks...etc. hope that helped!!

Are Roman Numerals popular in The US?

Yes as well as in other parts of the world.

What is the scripture on the statue of liberty?

It is the date of the US declaration of independence in roman numerals.

What are 4 Roman achievements that are still with us today?

the Coliseum, roman numerals, the Senate and Republic, and Hadrian's Wall

Places where you might find roman numerals in the US?

All libraries have books and movies that are often dated with Roman numerals. Also, many voluminous books number their chapters in RN.

What is MCCLXXIII in Roman numerals?

MCCLXXIII equals MCCLXXIII in Roman numerals. That is, it is already in Roman numerals. However, if you want to know what MCCLXXIII is in Arabic numerals, the ones most of us use today, here is the answer: It translates to 1,273. M=1000, C=100, L=50, X=10, I=1. Two numerals also used but not found in your example are D=500 and V=5.

How are roman numerals connet with us?

You'll mostly spot them in plays, books, chemistry, and clocks.