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No. If you want to go to other regions you must buy other Pokemon games.

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Q: Can you go to any other regions on white version?
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Is there any way to get to any other region in Pokemon Black or White?

there are no other regions in Pokemon black or white.

Can you go to any other region in Pokemon White?

No, you cannot go to other regions in Pokémon White.

How do you go in the next region in pearl version?

You can't go to any other regions except Sinnoh.

Is there a seafoam island in Pokemon Black and White?

of course not . Unova region is not connected with any other regions

In Pokemon diamond is there any other regions you can get to?

No, there are no other regions in Pokemon Diamond.

Can you catch any Pokemon from any other regions in Pokemon white or black?

Yes you can but only after you beat the main game and obtain the National Dex

How do you link trade Pokemon in white version?

It is the same as any other games, but you can't trade with other pokemon games. You can only trade your pokemon from the different generation games, you can't give your white version pokemon to the earlier generations.

Where do you migrate Pokemon in black version?

Pokemon Black and White are not compatible for trading with any of the other previous games.

What region do you start in on Pokemon white?

Pokemon Black and White take place in the new region of Unova. Just as the old regions like Kanto and Sinnoh are based on Japanese prefectures, Unova is based on New York City. You cannot visit any other regions in Black/White.

Can you get a white ruby gemstone?

No. However, ruby is the gemstone version of red corundum. Any other color of corundum is considered a sapphire and it does come in white. So you are really describing white sapphire.

What regions can you go to in Pokemon black?

You cannot go to any other regions in Pokémon Black.

How do you catch victini on Pokemon diamond and peal?

The Pokemon Victini, does not exist in any version made before Pokemon Black and White. Since it was released to catch in 2010(Japan) and 2011 (other places) it won't be able to caught in any other version before Black and White. Unless they made another event where you can catch Victini in other versions you could not catch it.

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