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Can you go to different regions in Pokemon Crystal?

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you can go to the kanto region after you beat the elite 4

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How do you get to a different region in Pokemon pearl?

It is only in HeartGold & SoulSilver and Gold & Silver you can go to different regions :/(and Crystal)

Where does the train go in Pokemon Crystal?

It switches between the two regions you can go to.

How do you go to other regions in Pokemon Diamond?

Unfortunantly you cant go to other regions in Pokemon diamond and pearl. its not like leafgreen,firered,gold,silver and crystal version where you travel to different regions. You can't, Sinnoh is the only region available in the game.

How Do You Go To Different Regions in Pokemon White?

You cannot go to different regions in Pokémon White.

What regions can you go to in pokemon heartgold and soulsilver?

Johto and Kanto, just like in Silver, Gold, and Crystal

What is all the Pokemon games with 2 regions?

Umm, in gold,silver,crystal,heartgold and soulsilver you can go to kanto and johto

Can you go to different regions in Pokemon platinum?

No. You stay in the Sinnoh Region the whole time.

Can Pokemon Crystal trade with ruby?

yes but no new moves or new Pokemon can go into crystal

How do you change your name in Pokemon Crystal?

if you wanna change your name make a new pokemon crystal or go on settings

What regions can you go to in Pokemon black?

You cannot go to any other regions in Pokémon Black.

How do you get to the Kanto region in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't go to different regions in Pokemon Platinum. All you can do is put your Pokemon Leafgreen or Firered inside your DS, and migrate the Pokemon from the GBC Pokemon Game!

Where do you get super potion in Pokemon Crystal?

go to the pokemon mart and buy it

Can you go to different regions in Pokemon soulsilver?

yes you can you may only go to two which are the Johto (where you start) and the Kanto which you go to after completing the main story.

Can you go to other regions in Pokemon diamond?

no but you can migrate Pokemon from other regions so your pokedex gets larger

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