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NO, there are no more debtors prisons.

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Do you need a licenses for repossession in ill?

yes you do otherwise you cant reposese

How are teen relationships effected by the economy?

credit crunch..you cant afford a house or other stuff so..ye.. cant afford transport..cant see eachother??

i have a laptop, but i can"t afford internet service. how can i get free wireless service?

i have a laptop, but i cant afford internet services i have a laptop, but i cant afford internet services. how can i get free wireless service

If the primary has let her insurance lapse due to non-payment is the cosigner in danger of being sued in the event of an accident?

The co-signor isin danger of having to pay the balance due on the loan at all times. If the signor cant afford ins, the notes will be the next thing they cant afford. NEVER CO_SIGN.

How much is a laptop?

dont no but you cant afford it

Was tv in the Victorian times?

no they cant afford it

This is your first time this happens to you what should you do if you cant afford to go to the doctor?

i need to know how to go about this. when i cant afford to go to the doctor. am scared it will happen again.

How much money does a bugatti?

You just cant afford it.

Can you get your belongings out of your vehicle after a repossession?

YES, you can. The lender or repo company CANT keep your PP. They may charge you a fee for inventory and storage but they cant keep it.

Do they sell tarps for parties in sandford?

no they do not because they cant afford them

Why is school technology bad?

they cant afford anything good

What are your rights if you have set up a payment plan because you were threatened with legal action but now making the payment is a strain?

Your 'rights" are to do whatever you said you would do(pay the loan off) or give up the car. Its fairly simple, the lender has worked with you and you simply cant afford THAT car. There is a car somewhere that you CAN afford. There are NO magic rights that enable you to keep anything you cant afford. You can file bankruptcy to avoid paying the balance due on the car, but you still dont get to keep the car.

How much would the iorn man suit cost?

if you have to ask you cant afford it also i think you mean iron not iorn if you have to ask you cant afford it also i think you mean iron not iorn

What is the cost of Gulfstream aircraft model G650?

if you have to ask you cant afford it

What is Jay Leno's car collection worth?


How much does a Lotus car cost?

If your asking that question, then you cant afford it.

Maintenance cost on a range rover?

If you need to ask, you cant afford it.

Does Richard have CoD?

no he doesnt he is a pikey and cant afford it and if he does have it then he would of nicked it

What you should try if you cant afford rabbit cereal for your rabbit?

if u cant afford rabbit cereal about 12 to 15 dollars , there is a place in dairy flat and a option that my rabbit has is porridge oats or weetbix.

What to do with a broken ankle?

Go to a doctor if you can afford to. If you cant you should ice it and use an ace wrap or a brace. You have to use crutches and put no weight on your ankle or it will get worse you will need to go to a doc even if you cant afford it.

What can i do if i cant afford to pay back my student loans?

If you cannot afford to pay back your student loans, you can communicate with your lenders to defer your loan.

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