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You are only required to take the LSAT for law school, so the answer is yes.

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There may be additional degree requirements, depending on the law school you want to attend. Their admissions office can give you the particulars.

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Q: Can you go to law school if you pass a lsat only?
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What it takes to get into law school?

You must pass lsat k

How can you be a lawyer?

Get a Bachelors in anything, pass the LSAT, get accepted into Law school, pass the bar exam Yes you can but remember that studying law is a long career.

How do you get your law degree?

You have to be accepted into a law school, which normally takes a bachelor's degree and the LSAT. Then you study for three years and pass all your classes.

Does law school admission depend mostly on your LSAT score?

Both the scores of the LSAT and your academic record go into an acceptance to a law school. The decision on how much the LSAT applies to acceptance depends on the school.

What do initials LSAT stand for?

LSAT stands for "Law School Admissions Test."

What do you have to get on a lsat to pass?

"LSAT" refers to the Law School Admission Test. It is part of the admission process. As such, one is not a law student (yet) when the LSAT is taken. The LSAT is an aptitude test. While there is nothing specific that one can study before taking the LSAT, it is very helpful to take several practice tests, in order to become familiar with the nature of the test itself.

What is the LSAT that you have to take before going to law school?

The LSAT is the admissions test for Law School. It tests your ability to read and think logically.

Do I have to take the LSAT to go to school?

You only need to take the LSAT if you're wanting to apply for law school. If you just interested in becoming a legal secretary or paralegal then you don't need to take it.

Do you take your LSAT exam before entering law school or after?

You take the LSAT before going to law school. For most schools it is a key part of the application process.

Tests you have to take to get in law school?

The LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) is required for admission.

What can a lsat of a 129 do for you?

A LSAT score of 129 will allow you to possibly be admitted into a tier 3 law school. The average LSAT score is 150.

What subjects must you pass to become a lawyer?

To become a lawyer you are required to take 4 years of college with a major in history or political science and then another 4 years in law school. To get into law school you need to take a entrance test called th LSAT. You need to pass all subjects for law. Think about this a person wouldn't want a lawyer who failed school.