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I think you can! I have laryngitis too and I am going to school. A good Idea (which I'm doing) is to write on a white board to answer questions. Do not talk or you will get worse! Hope this helped! Feel better!

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No. you stay home and eat ice cream. You also go see a doctor and have them removed if he suggests it.

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it is recommended to stay off school and work for a couple of days.

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Q: Can you go to school if you have laryngitis?
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When was Laryngitis - Glee - created?

Laryngitis - Glee - was created on 2010-05-11.

Can you catch laryngitis?

Not directly. But I could catch a cold, which could cause laryngitis.

What to do for a cat with laryngitis?

My cat has laryngitis too and we are going to take it to the vet and get the best answer from them.

How long does laryngitis last for a cat?

Cats do not commonly get laryngitis, but they may do so under certain circumstances. It shouldn't last more than two or three days. If it does, the cat should go to the vet to determine and treat the underlying cause.

What is the definition of laryngitis?

Laryngitis is a swelling of the throat caused by an infection :D!!! My First answer OMG!!!

Who is the director for Glee Laryngitis?

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon directed the Laryngitis episode of Glee. This was his first episode that he has directed. The Laryngitis episode was written by the creator Ryan Murphy.

What the correct code for acute and chronic laryngitis?

ICD 9 CM Code for Acute Laryngitis- 464.00 ICD 9 CM Code for Chronic Laryngitis- 476.0

What is the inflammation of the voicebox is called?

This is also known as laryngitis, Laryngitis is usually caused by a virus or occurs in people who overuse their voice. Occasionally, a person may develop laryngitis from bacterial infections, and rarely, from infections such as tuberculosis,syphilis, or a fungal infection.

Laryngitis belongs to what body system?

Laryngitis is an inflammation of the tissues of the larynx which is part of the respiratory system.

What foods can't you eat when you have laryngitis?

You can eat any food when you have laryngitis. There is no food you can't eat.

What would you lose if you had laryngitis?

Laryngitis is caused by the inflammation of the vocal cords, causing hoarseness or loss of voice.

You are 24 weeks pregnant can you catch laryngitis?

Of course you can. Laryngitis is a virus, noone is immune to any virus.