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If it is authorised apple shop, they will only fix their product.

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Q: Can you go to the apple shop to fix a kindle?
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How can you get sky burger on Kindle Fire?

you can go to apple on your kindle and try too download.

How do you get to the kindle store?

Go to and under "shop all departments" (at the top right hand side of the screen) go to "kindle" and then "kindle books"

How do you get games on the kindle?

go to the shop button on the top

How do you fix the screen on a I pod touch?

You go to an apple store and they will fix it for you

How do you fix your laptop screen when it has a long length?

take it to a shop and tell them to fix it there normally the shop you buy it from that is the shop you should go to hope this helps

What do you buy to make the Kindle Fire work?

nothing go to the store or call somebody to help u fix it!!

How do you fix apps that were downloaded incorrectly?

All you can really do is go to the apple store and they'll try to fix it

How do you fix laser burn?

you go to a shop called playhouse they will fix it for you theres 1 in crayford

How do you fix your iPhone?

go to a phone repair shop dahh...

How do you fix my iTunes store?

The best thing to do is to go to the apple store to see if they can fix it. Most probably at the genius bar they can fix it.

Is a kindle fire better than a iPod touch?

Depends, what do you plan to do with it? If you want a cheaper price, go with the Kindle. If you like Apple then use itouch. More games on itouch, but smaller screen. Kindle better for reading and possibly watching videos.

How do you fix the clamp arm on a sewing machine?

you go to a shop that fixes them:)