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What is in mustard?

ground mustard seed, vinegar and spices.

How do you substitute ground mustard for mustard seed?

what is mustard seed used for, what dishes? It's used in marinating chicken.

Is mustard powder ground mustard seed?

I believe so

Can you substitute ground mustard for mustard seed in pickling?

you can, but the results will not be the same. Use about 1/8th of what the recipe calls for in seed.

What are some household emetics?

Ground mustard seed

What does mustard seed make?

mustard... isn't that obvious??

Can you substitute ground mustard for mustard seed in a recipe?

Not really. You can try a pinch of dry mustard in place of a tablespoon of mustard seed in a recipe such as pickles but for most recipes dependent on seeds this won't work.

What is ground mustard used for?

Ground mustard is used in cooking, especially in spice mixes. Ground mustard can be used to make prepared mustard.

Can you substitute ground mustard for yellow mustard seed?

Maybe, If it is a dish asking for mustard seed because they are expected to be eaten whole then no, the mustard flour will overpower the flavor of the dish. If you are making pickles or something that will stew with the seed then yes, but use at most only 1/8 teaspoon dry mustard for every teaspoon mustard seed in the recipe.

How do you grind mustard seed to make dry mustard?

That's not an easy proposition for the kitchen. Mustard seed when it is crushed or ground heats up and imparts a bitter taste to the mustard flour. It needs to be kept cold during crushing to keep this from happening. You are much better off to buy the mustard flour than to try making it.

Is mustard a spice?

Mustard seed is a spice and mustard is just a mustard seed concoction.

How long does it take a mustard seed to sprout?

As I heard from preachers about mustard seed and why Jesus pick the mustard seed for example? The mustard seed it take about 40 years just to grow the roots in the ground then after that it can grow very fast as a tree. That is why Jesus said you must have faith as little as mustard seed and what He meant was that to have deep root in faith and comes winning the war against devil .God bless you all

What can you substitue for yellow mustard seed?

Brown mustard seed.

How is mustard and emulsifier?

The chemicals in the mucilage of the mustard seed act as emulsifiers. When ground, the mucilage, protein, and carbohydrates of the seed coat oil particles which allow them to mix with water, creating an emulsion.

How many atoms in a mustard seed?

There are 17,250 atoms in a mustard seed.

Is mustard a vegetable or a seed?

seed actually mustard is a leafy plant that blossoms and produces seed

What is a substitute for mustard seed?


What is mustard seed called in Hindi?

In Hindi, mustard seed is called 'Rai'

Is dry mustard the same as mustard seed?

"Dry" mustard is ground mustard seeds, just ground up. The powder is yellow because yellow mustard seeds were used. Mustard seeds also come in red and black, and are used whole in many cuisines, especially Indian, where they are browned in oil with other whole spices before adding other ingredients. Using whole-seed spices generally provides a richer, fresher flavor.

Where does a mustard seed come from?

where does mustard come from?

Which is the smallest seed?

mustard seed is the smallest seed

What is mustard made from?

Mustard is made from mustard seeds. If you buy coarse ground mustard you can see them, or you can buy whole mustard seeds at the store. The seeds are dried and then ground up and mixed with vinegar to make the condiment we typically use.

Where in the bible is faith the size of a mustard seed?

It is the parable of the mustard seed, in Mark 4.

How many grams of mustard seed to a tablespoon?

About 14 gm of mustard seed in a tbspn.

Is a mustard seed bigger than a fly?

Mustard seed is smaller than a fly.

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