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no because it will not grow to full size yet, but it will be a short plant.

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How long does it take a bean plant to grow from a seed to a mature plant?

2 weeks

How tall does a bean plant grow in 2 weeks?

ummm idgaf :/

Can you grow a bean plant in 2 days?


How does a pinto bean plant look in 2 business weeks?

2 weeks and you should see the soil cracking so that the first leaves can poke out.

Is there a flower that only takes 2 weeks to grow?

Well it depends on when you plant it because I planted Blue Bonnets in the summer and it took about 2 weeks to grow!!!

What seed grow the fastest like in two weeks?

A brown seed that grows in 2 weeks? Im not sure if it grows in exactly 2 weeks but a kidney bean seed seems to be what your thinking of.

How do you get 2 moshlings at once?

First plant a -Dragon Fruit -Love Berry -Magic bean when they fully grow you will see 2 moshlings.

How long do bean plants take to grow?

It takes 4-5 weeks. If taken care of greatly it takes about 1-2

Does Sugar help Lima beans grow?

Yes sugar helps lima beans grow it took my plant 2 to 3 days to grow the lima bean uses the sugar as energy

Height of bean plant after 4 weeks?

It could be anywhere from 6 inch to over a 1 1/2 feet. It all depends on the soil, temp and water the plant receives.

What is the germination of a plant?

The germination of a plant is the forming of a plant's leaves and vegetable/fruit/flower. The basic steps of germination are: 1) The plant's stem is containing in the ground, 2) Slowly the stem begins to grow and reaches above the ground 3) The cotyledons in the leaves of the plant help the leaves grow. 4) The following vegetable/fruit/flower for example a bean is formed in the middle of the leaves. At that particular time, the bean is quite small. 5) The bean grows and the plumule forms out. It rises above from the ground and joins the plant 6) With the help of the cotyledons feeding on photocynthesis the bean grows into a proper bean Plant. THIS IS THE PRODUCTION OF GERMINATION.

How long does it take for a pea plant to grow?

Peas like cool temperatures and will germinate in 2 weeks if conditions are ideal.

How many cotyledons does bean plant have?

A bean is a dicot so it has two cotyledons.

Is a kidney bean plant a monocot or a dicot?

The kidney bean is a dicot seed because it has 2 cotyledons.

How long does it take to grow tulips?

The average time it takes for tulips to grow is about 2-3 weeks.The average time it takes for tulips to grow is about 2-3 weeks.

What is the difference between annualsbiannuals and perennials?

a plant that can grow for 2 or more years a plant that can grow for 2 or more years

What beans grow in less than 2 weeks?

Do you mean grow to a proper sprout or grow to produce beans? For sprouts, germination should start within 2-3 days and will be ready for harvest in 4-5 days. Planting outdoors, sometimes it takes two weeks to get germination unless you soak the beans in warm water the night prior to planting. Bush beans will have pods in 7-8 weeks, pole beans 8-9 weeks and fava bean may take 10-12 weeks before they have pods.

How do you grow taller in 2 weeks?


How long does beans plant?

It takes about 2 weeks to plant beans.

What depth should you plant kidney bean seeds at?

Approximately 2 inches.

If you plant 2 weed seeds will the plant grow?


What plant grows very quickly other than bamboo?

Radish grow fairly quickly, they sprout withing a week, and can be harvested in about 2 weeks.

What do you put a weed plant to help it grow faster?

put mirical grow in it and then put it in a dark place upside down for about 2 or 3 weeks then transplant it in a bucket and then put a uv light on top of it and let it grow! duhhhhh

How much does a tomato seed grow in water in 2 weeks?

about 2"

How long does it take for the lizards tail to grow back?

about 2-3 weeks

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