Can you have 18 strings on a guitar?


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Only on a 12 + 6 double neck. Epiphone G1275, Gibson Jimmy Page Double and the EMS 1235, Ovation CSE 225, Washburn Ea220 and many more.

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yes it does you really need to have the right strings for your guitar depending on what type it is If you own an acoustic guitar, you need "acoustic guitar strings". If you own a classical guitar, you need "classical guitar strings" or "nylon strings". An electric guitar needs "electric guitar strings". And a bass guitar needs "bass guitar strings".

That depends on the guitar! On a Tenor guitar there are four strings, on a standard guitar there are six strings, and there are twelve strings on a twelve string guitar.

The strings on a classical guitar are nylon strings.

there are six strings on a guitar

A guitar has 6 strings.

Thicker guitar strings are lower than thinner guitar strings.

A normal Acoustic/Electric guitar has 6 strings, and a normal bass guitar has 4 strings. There are also guitars with more strings, i.e. a bass guitar with 5 strings.

the strings on a base guitar are the same as the top four strings on a guitar which are E A D G

The guitar strings are not as loose as the bass guitar

The guitar strings vibrate.Kinetic is the energy of a moving object so it would be the strings cause the strings of the guitar moves.

electric guitar strings are simply made for the quality of the pick-ups if you put electric guitar strings on an acoustic guitar it will have a low quality sound and if you put acoustic guitar strings on an electric guitar you will be luck to get much sound at all.

In my opinion, electric guitar strings gets out of tune faster because the strings are not as thick as acoustic guitar strings. So, thicker strings make it stay in tune longer.

There are 6 strings on an elctric guitar.

I bass guitar has four strings.

An acoustic guitar with steel strings (as opposed to a classical guitar which has nylon or gut strings).

It can vary depending on the guitar, but most have six strings.

Harmolodic Guitar with Strings was created in 1993.

There are 6 strings on a folk guitar as with most guitars, except for 12 strings.

There is also a twelve string guitar.There is such thing as an Archguitar which has eleven strings.

A blues guitar has the same amount of strings as any other guitar: 6

they use a guitar with strings as opposed to a guitar without a strings and it is red

A standard classical guitar has 6 strings.

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