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Only on a 12 + 6 double neck. Epiphone G1275, Gibson Jimmy Page Double and the EMS 1235, Ovation CSE 225, Washburn Ea220 and many more.

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Q: Can you have 18 strings on a guitar?
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How many strings your on a guitar?

That depends on the guitar! On a Tenor guitar there are four strings, on a standard guitar there are six strings, and there are twelve strings on a twelve string guitar.

What are the strings on a classical guitar?

The strings on a classical guitar are nylon strings.

Does it matter what strings you put on your guitar?

yes it does you really need to have the right strings for your guitar depending on what type it is If you own an acoustic guitar, you need "acoustic guitar strings". If you own a classical guitar, you need "classical guitar strings" or "nylon strings". An electric guitar needs "electric guitar strings". And a bass guitar needs "bass guitar strings".

How many strings are there on a guitar?

there are six strings on a guitar

How many guitar strings?

A guitar has 6 strings.

What kind of a pitch do thicker guitar strings have?

Thicker guitar strings are lower than thinner guitar strings.

How any strings are on a guitar?

A normal Acoustic/Electric guitar has 6 strings, and a normal bass guitar has 4 strings. There are also guitars with more strings, i.e. a bass guitar with 5 strings.

Which strings are which on a bass guitar?

the strings on a base guitar are the same as the top four strings on a guitar which are E A D G

Why does a bass of a guitar have longer strings than a regular guitar?

The guitar strings are not as loose as the bass guitar

How do the strings of a guitar use kinetic energy?

The guitar strings vibrate.Kinetic is the energy of a moving object so it would be the strings cause the strings of the guitar moves.

How many strings does a electric guitar have?

There are 6 strings on an elctric guitar.

Which guitar has only four strings?

I bass guitar has four strings.

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