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Can you have a false negative pregnancy test?


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Yes if you take the test too early oh probably your hormones are not at the high level to detect the pregnancy

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No. Benadryl does not cause false negative pregnancy test.

can you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantcan you have a false pregnancy test and still be pregnantAnsweryou can have a false negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant

BV won't cause a false negative on a pregnancy test.

No , but a negative test can be a false positive .

Can atenolol cause a false negative

No, low hCG hormone causes a negative pregnancy test.

Promethazine (Phenagren) can cause a false negative.

A pregnancy test can give u a false negative but not a false positive.

No, antidepressants cannot cause a false negative.

The gallbladder has no effect on hormones of pregnancy. Gallstones will not affect a pregnancy test.

This happened to me when I got pregnant with my third child. The first test was negative and the second positive. From what I understand, a pregnancy test can give a false negative but rarely gives a false positive.

Your results can be a false-negative or a false-positive.

If you took a pregnancy test too early, you could have a false negative. There are seldom false positive's though.

Bacterial vaginosis does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

No. Taking the test too soon causes false negative.

As they are strong drugs it can affect the pregnancy test.

Pills such as xanex adderal and a few others can alter a pregnancy test.

You may be pregnant but took the test too early or its a false negative. A blood type is most accurate.

Usually a false pregnancy means that you have taken a pregnancy test and it gives you a positive reading when you are not pregnancy (which is very rare) or a negative reading when you really are pregnant.

Endometriosis, possible pelvic inflamatory disease, or a false negative on a pregnancy test. Consult your physician.

No. The only thing that will cause a false negative on a HPT is testing too early. See your DR for a blood test.

IUD insertion, use, and removal do not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. Repeat the test in two weeks.

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