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Yes you can. The minor should enhance your major program of study, and increase your marketability within the work force. There are a number of reasons for taking a minor, but this is just one out of many. If your major is business for example, taking a language as a minor could help your career marketability, In other words, individuals who are bilingual have a real advantage in organizations that either have a diverse population or who have a global organization.

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Q: Can you have a major and a minor when attending a four year college?
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How long does it take to get a minor in college?

Here in the Philippines, in a four year course, you can get your minor subject in two years and the remaining two years is for the major subjects.

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What college degree do you need to become an oncologist?

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What long does it take to get your major in college?

Depending on the major you may be in school for two years, four years, or more

How many years of college to minor in dance?

The minor is within the bachelor's degree, which takes approximately four years to complete as a full-time student. In other words, you cannot just take a minor.

How many majors and minors are you allowed to have when attending a college?

It may be different for some schools, but some allow up to two majors and four minors.

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