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Definitely. In fact, it is one of the most common times to have a miscarriage, although many go unnoticed as a late or heavy period.

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Q: Can you have a miscarriage after only being pregnant one month?
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What causes a miscarriage after only being pregnant one month?

A fetus may not develop properly, in which case a miscarriage at one month is the normal way for nature to solve the problem.

I think im pregnant but when i used the bathroom there was something in it It was small and im only a month I havent bled or anything Can it be a miscarriage?

It is possible that it could be a miscarriage. The only way to know is to visit a doctor.

Can you be pregnant with twins and miscarriage only one?


How many times a month can you get pregnant?

you can get pregnant only once a month, once your pregnant you cant get pregnant till after you have given birth.

Can you be leaking milk after a miscarriage from only being up to 7 weeks pregnant?

Yes, had the same thing happen to me twice(have had 3 miscarriages). Both times I was about 7.5 weeks pregnant when I miscarried, and the leaking started after the actual miscarriage had happened. Doctor said the miscarriage can make your body feel like you actually delivered, therefore it may produce some milk.

How do you get un-pregnant?

Other than to have a miscarriage, the only way to end a pregnancy is to have an abortion.

Can you have a miscarriage after only a month and a half?

Yes! you can, that's excatly what happend to me i was excatly 6 weeks when i lost it (month and a half).

Can you be on your period and have a miscarrige?

No, you can't be on your period and have a miscarriage at the same time. Menstruation only occurs when you do not fall pregnant, whereas miscarriage is a result of a pregnancy failing.

Only having some light spotting last month and then this month having a huge period with a lot of blood clots and also had some yellow-white sticky discharge before period -Could this be a miscarriage?

Not aware of being pregnant, if it were the case, I was also wondering if being on the birth control pill and didn't stop using it, as well as a Green tea weight-smart pill (one-a-day for adults only) could of caused this, if so?

If you have already had a miscarriage at 18 will you still be able to get pregnant in the future?

You will probably be able to get pregnant in the future. i had a miscarriage back in february of 2004..i had only been pregnant for about two months. i just turned 19 in december. i am hoping to get pregnant again, and my doctor said i should have no problem conceiving again.

When become pregnant is it normal to not have any symptom?

When I was pregnant with my son I had no symptoms, no clue. I had just had a miscarriage a month or so before and was wondering where the period went off to, and apparently was already pregnant again. The only thing I ended up with besides a son ( :) was a lot of swelling later on in the pregnancy; but in the first trimester I felt normal. I am in my second pregnancy now, and this time I was nauseous for about a month and then just little things.

How long do your period last after a miscarriage?

Depends on how far along you are I was only about a month along when I miscarried and I only bled for 4 days

Can girls only get pregnant two days out of the month?


How would you know you've had a miscarriage if you suspect you were only about 3 weeks pregnant?

So many times the zygote has defective chromosomes. It is possible that you get pregnancy almost every month after the marriage and the defective zygote goes out with your menses only. The normal or near normal pregnancy is preserved by nature. So you may not notice miscarriage of only about three weeks. It is not necessary to know the same. That is expensive and useless.

If you miss several pills in a month is it common for your period to be late or never come that month?

Probably only if you are pregnant. Take a home test or go see a doctor. Missing a pill or being late taking them can cause the pills not to work and you can get pregnant.

You just started having symptoms of a miscarriage but the home pregnancy test says negative.Could you really be having a miscarriage?

if only just pregnant then yes it wouldn't show up on a test

Will a miscarriage show up on a pregnancy test?

No, a miscarriage will only show up on a blood test if it has just occurred as within 48 hours the hcg will of decreased to a non-pregnant level.

Can you still be pregnant if lost a lot of blood with clots only 7weeks or have you had a miscarriage?

Consult a doctor as soon as possible

Could a bunny bleed while pregnant?

yes but only a bit if there is lots then there could be a problem or it might be a miscarriage

How does a miscarriage feel like?

i recently had a miscarriage the first week of this month i was 6 weeks pregnant i guess everyone handles it differrent because when i had mine it didnt hurt that much it felt like sharp pain in your stomach along with bad period cramping but it wasnt that painful to me as i thought it was suppose to be and it only lasted about 3 days.

Do you have a plasenta when your only 1 month pregnant?

A plasenta is a uterus!

Is it possible for you to miss your period for a month?

Only if you're pregnant

You are about three months pregnant and have light pinkish spotting that only lasts for one day and you did the same thing last month does this mean miscarriage?

not likely unless there is cramping backache signs of could just be spotting from the new pregnancy

Will you have a miscarriage if you take sleep aid?

if you are pregnant only the doctor should give you something like that and he will find one that is suitable.

What do you feel when your one month pregnant?

I am currently 7 months pregnant. I didn't feel anything when I was only one month pregnant. I started to feel nausea in the second month and it lasted for about 5-6 weeks. Your breasts might feel much much more tender than usual at one month pregnant.