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Go to a certified doctor if you really want to know...

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Yes it is possible. Some woman get there period during the first few months of pregnancy. You need to see a doctor to find out if you are pregnant. They check with a pregnancy test and if it is positive they will give you a sonogram to make sure that you are pregnant and that everything is ok with your pregnancy. Having a positive pregnancy test doesnt always mean that you are pregnant. Something else in your urine can be causing the test to come positive. But having a positive test can in most cases mean that you are pregnant. Check with your doctor, that is the only accurate way of finding out.

no probably not. What probably happened was a very early miscarriage. The pregnancy test stays positive for two weeks after a miscarriage. sorry,honey joymaker rn

You are most probably not pregnant. even though you may have been.

It's possible but I would check with your Dr as soon as possible.

yes you can, its called a false positive. However check with your doctor to see if you are pregnant as it could be that the negative tests were wrong.

If you take a pregnancy test and it came out negative and then hours later you look at the test and it is positive are you pregnant?

it could mean you are having an abnormal pregnancy...this is when you occasionally have spotting or an actual period while you are pregnant...if your test is still positive then you should go to the doctor.

In all likelihood, no. If you want to be sure you can go to planned parenting or to your gynecologist.

Yes! I had one done and it said I wasnt but then four months later (about 5 months pregnant) it turned out I was.

I am a nurse so I can honestly tell you that some woman get their periods even tho they are pregnant. You can also get spotting during the first couple months of pregnancy which can seem like a period depending on the amount of blood. If the pregnancy test said positive, then the chance that you are actually pregnant is about 95%. If you are unsure, go to your doctor and request a hospital pregnancy test, then you will know for sure.

Depends on how soon you took the test. If you took it before missing your first period, yes it could be positive later. IF not, most likely you aren't pregnant.

If you had a positive pregnancy test then had a heavy period a couple days later, you may have had a miscarriage. If this happens, you should consult a doctor.

Chances of pregnancyIt may depend on the amount of weeks pregnant you were when you miscarried. I miscarried at 14 weeks and 5 weeks later got a positive result on a home pregnancy test, which was actually another pregnancy. I would suggest that unless you lost the baby in the second trimester this positive result is indeed referring to a new pregnancy.

Yes. A sign of later pregnant

i think you are pregnant but the best way to know is to go to the doctor, that way you know whats going on for sure.

yes you could be pregnant,.. use another test after a few days, or seek a blood test from a doctor

Yes, you could be pregnant if it's a fiant line positive and disappear because sometimes home pregnancy test can't be accurate. I think it better to get blood work checking your hcg level to find out just to be sure it's better to know early than late in the pregnancy.

Answeryes it could just be that your hormone levels were low when you took the last test. But to have 4 positive and one negative! Your pregnant!hi you might actually be pregnant but if you tested to early you could have detected a chemical pregnancy and that means the egg and sperm fertilized but it did not implant that is why they say to wait tell you have missed your pd. but good luck I'm praying for you

You are most likely pregnant. Chances are the tests taken the first day were used just before you had enough hCG to confirm pregnancy, one day later the hCG had increased enough to give you your positive pregnancy tests. This is why false negative pregnancy tests are very common if used too soon. False positive tests are very rare.

Yes you can still be pregnant. But it might help to see a doctor. Some people never miss their period while pregnant.

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