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Yes you can have a sono at 10 weeks.........we had a vag. sono at 8 weeks and we were able to see the baby and hear and see the heart beat!!! It was amazing i am going on 10 weeks tomorrow 12/27/2007 and am feeling great. Just remember to surround yourself with amazing people and relax this is the best experience even if it does not feel like it right now!

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โˆ™ 2007-12-26 16:14:52
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Q: Can you have a sonogram at 10 weeks?
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Would there be any reason to have a sonogram at 4 weeks?

I always have a sonogram at 4 weeks or earlier. I have a history of ectopic pregnancies.

Can a sonogram miss a twin at 15 weeks?


At how many weeks should you get your first sonogram?

I got mine at 11 weeks.

Baby femur measures 24 weeks and pregnancy is 26 weeks?

Go with the sonogram unless you have absolute knowledge.

If a level 2 sonogram is taken at 19 weeks and the head measures at 19 weeks but legs measure at 18 weeks could this mean a birth defect?

Did you ask your doctor or sonogram technician this question? I do not believe that it would indicate a birth defect. My son had short legs (and still does). I wouldn't worry, but I would ask the sonogram technician to explain. Good luck :)

How will your baby look on a scan at 6 weeks?

At 6 weeks the shape you will see on the sonogram will resemble a little bean or peanut.

What does it mean if a sonogram can not detect a baby?

Either you are not pregnant or you are less than 5 weeks pregnant.

How many weeks of pregnancy before you can tell the sex of the baby?

With a sonogram: At 24 weeks almost always, at 18 weeks, only if you're lucky. With amniocentesis at about 12 weeks (but higher risk).

Is the boy sex of a baby at 20 weeks acuratte?

You mean with a Sonogram? They can make mistakes but not very often.

8 weeks sono showed no fetus?

i had a sonogram yesterday and the sac could be seen but no fetus what does this mean

Why would a sonogram not show anything after you have been bleeding for about two weeks?

This is really a question for the doctor who oredered the sonogram but if the person was pregnant it sounds as if she has had a miscarriage. If there is nothing to see the bleeding should stop soon.

Can a sonogram tellif your pregnant at 1 week?

No. It is too early for your body to even know its pregnant at that point. A sonogram can see an embryo at about 6 weeks. Wait until your missed period and take a pregnancy test.

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